Macbook Pro 13" Retina for C# Programming


Mar 17, 2014
So - Yesterday I bought a Macbook Pro 13" Retina with:
- 16gb Ram
- i5 Broadwell Dual Core 2,7ghz - 3,4 ghz Boost
- 256gb Flash drive
- SDXC 128gb card

I'm studying programming and currently on my 2. semester doing Java programming.
But I've been told that from next Semester and the rest of the education - We will be focusing on C# programming and Visual Studio, which as most know - is Microsoft specific.

Now, I had a Macbook air 4gb 128gb sad i5 - which was my first macbook - going from windows to OS X - and I adore it! (not in a fanboy way - i have a high end gaming pc, and without windows I'd be screwed).
I really didn't want to go back to windows - but my question is this:
How "bad" a choice was it to pick a macbook over a windows pc for a task like this?
I have access to VMWare and a windows Licens to run these programs, so in that way I'm covered - but was it a bad decision?

Obviously I love the macbook - Long battery life, no burning inferno from a GPU, awesome to watch series and chill on the couch.



Aug 15, 2006
Not a bad decision, but if you're actually going to be a programmer, you're missing out on half the benefits of using a Mac, and thats OSX.
You still get an amazing screen (which is critical if you're staring at it all day) and beautiful hardware. Windows (7 anyway) will take a big chunk of your battery life, but running boot camp you certainly won't be held back at all.
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