News MacBook Pro 2021 could be perfect with a touchscreen — here’s why Apple says no

Oct 30, 2021
The last sentence of the article begins, "They're expensive, yes, but..." And looking up from the entry level price of computing, a $3,499.00 standard spec M1 Max may look like a lot of money.

However, compared with last year's i9 Macbook Pro with 32GB of RAM and the best possible graphics, the new M1 Max comes in about $600.00 LESS than the prior model--and in some real world tests can out compute the more expensive unit by 200% and in compiling Xcode and a few other tasks, more like 700%, AND use HALF the battery power at the same time. Seems to me this is an unprecedented capacity leap at this price point.

In fact, many tasks which before now required a $15k to $20k MacPro tower, and a $5,000.00 Apple monitor to accomplish in any reasonable amount of time; can now be finished in your lap, on battery power for less than 20% of the cost of those bigger machines. These laptops completely blow up the previous processor/value equation for those who need to complete CPU and GPU intensive tasks.

So from a top-down perspective, these laptops are cheap and will in many cases pay for themselves in a single creative project. The time savings in turning around complex video timelines, or code compiling, or 3D modeling, or what have you, while on the road will (for many professionals) add up very quickly.

Nothing comes close at this price point. I will say it one more time. These laptops are cheap given their category of computing.

P.S. In regard to touchscreens on a MacBook, who cares at this point? It's one of those click-baity headlines which adds up to nothing. I will trade the shoulder and neck strain, and the gross motor clumsiness of manipulating my work on a touchscreen laptop; for keyboard shortcuts and an excellent trackpad any day of the week.