MacBook Pro Mid 2012 Vs HP ProBook 450 G2


Oct 27, 2015
So I have been offered the following two laptops [at almost equal prices. Yes, you read that right] and need your advice to help me choose the best one for me:

HP ProBook 450 G2 i7-5500U dual-core 8GB 1000GB HDD - 5400RPM AMD Radeon R5 M255 2GB


Apple Macbook Pro - June 2012 i7 2.6GHz quad-core 8GB 750GB HD NVIDIA GeForce GT 650M 512MB GDDR5 + 4000 intel HD

My main usage is going to be for programming and developing applications for both Mobile and Computer, plus casual gaming [Not high-end games, just games like CS:GO]

What do you think is best for me, regarding the specifications and needs?

Thanks in advance!