MacBook repair cost conundrum


Feb 21, 2017
Hi everyone,

First time poster here, hopefully someone has more insight into the topic than I do!

I'm currently facing a minor dilemma; I have received the estimated repair cost of my MacBook pro to be 580€. Based on the specifications I will provide below, would it be worth dishing out this money in the hope that it's resale value will be at least >580€?

MacBook Pro Late 2011
- 2.4GHz quad-core Intel Core i7 processor
- 15" display with Anti-glare
- 16GB RAM
- 256GB SSD
- With repairs done, it will have a brand new top case and keyboard
- Otherwise pretty much perfect condition

All input is hugely appreciated!

Thanks a lot,
Unless your specific complaint is about a bad keyboard, ask that top case be replaced, assume NO.

Just go into eBay and see what$ are they selling. Simple.