Question Making video games - how to do it?

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Jan 27, 2020
I've been playing both computer and mobile games for many years but recently I've got quite bored of it I feel like games dont have what I want. I had this idea of making my own game since I was young but despite multiple tries Ive only learned some coding basics and how to make map using eclipse lol. Eclipse was quite good program for making games but i had no idea how to use it at all or code new features, In fact i only knew how to make 2D game map because it was intuitive.

Now many years later Im considering restarting this dream but how do you actually make games in 2020? All I know is that I need to know coding, so Ive learned strong (I assume, but probably not) basics of programming in Java. I picked java because every device can run it or so people say. So if I made game in it it would work both on computers and phones. Thats my speculation at least, it may not be correct.

Is java good language for coding games? How to move from programming text-based windows to coding actual graphical/visual games (2D/3D/isometric/topdown/2.5D, etc.)? I dont really have huge requirements for my game, I just want to make simple rpg or similar and make it work on both windows and android.

Does anyone know how should I start?


Mar 10, 2017
Check with local community colleges, I think they can point out a few ways you can go about getting from where you are today to where you want to be in the future -- concerning creating and marketing computer games.
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