Manufacturer warranty when buying 'NEW' labtops via ebay


Sep 18, 2009
ya i was planning on getting a new laptop inshAllah, and ive realised that certain NEW laptops in ebay are somewhat cheper then those in online stores, and they carry one year manufacturer warranty. things are not always as good as they seem, so i wanted to know if there was something , umm, negative, when buying new laptops from ebay considering manufacturer warranty.. an example is this*F%3F&GUID=04f1f93c12a0a0645e9444a4ffb698a0&itemid=350386554827&ff4=263602_263622



You need to find out if the reseller is an Official Reseller of the product. Otherwise the manufacturer may not honor the warranty. There are shops in NY that get you with lower prices, but when you try to fix something, no go.


Web search maybe for the vendor, check the seller's ebay profile, send them an email and ask. All the sellers I have seen on ebay offer a "contact us" option on their listings where you can ask questions. Then you either have to trust them if they say the warranty is fully covered or do a bit of research with other sites. BBB may have listings on the seller also, and they provide info for free.



Generally, when you call, they just ask for the serial #, they can see in their system when/where it was sold and if it's in warranty. They may also ask what's wrong and how it may have happened to rule out things like a broken screen if you dropped it.
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