Solved! Marantz SR5010 subwoofer problem - no sound

Aug 25, 2019
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So, the problem:

I've got Marantz SR5010 receiver for more than 5 years. I've decided to add subwoofer to the configuration - Quadra Qube 10 Active ( Qube 10 active - quadral ).

For the connection I used TAGA cable. As an attachment you can find few photos regarding the connections and the settings I've made.

Now when I turn on the system the subwoofer wakens up almost immediately but there isn't any sound coming out.

I believe that there is some kind of setting at the Marantz that I have to change regarding the signal.

Any suggestions?
If the SR5010 has a mic you can repeat the receiver set up and it will find the sub and make needed adjustments. You may still want to adjust the woofer level to taste.
If it doesn't have auto set up then go into the speaker set up menu, set the all the speakers to small and turn the subwoofer output on. Set the sub level with content not pink noise.
If you have full range front speakers you can try setting those to large. You may get too much upper bass that way. No harm in trying it.
If the sub has an LFE input use that. If not then set the frequency all the way up and the level about half way. You will use the receiver to adjust those.
Aug 25, 2019
Thank you for your answer.

Just a couple of things to mention:
I'm using Apple TV as a player and I'm playing mostly Netflix (Supports Dolby), YouTube, Music.
I've set the front left and right speakers to small, because I read it in the Manual. I put the signal mode to "LFE+Main" for the same reason.

The only thing I didn't try is to set again the Audyssey set up, because I don't have the microphone with me. I'm going to have it next week and will try it for sure.

I've notice that when I turn the system on the subwoofer wakens up (the led become green) but if I'm watching a quite movie for example, after a wile the subwoofer goes to sleep again (the led become red). Again no sound comes out from the subwoofer.
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