Discussion MBP (A1989, mid-2018) Not Powering On - No Water/Drop/Shock Damage

Jun 15, 2020
I have a 20-month old A1989 (661-09759, i7-16GB-256GB, mid-2018 touch bar) that has stopped powering on (running Mojave, it was installing 2020-003 security update the last time it was on). Per Apple store and a third-party tech, it has an unknown logic board issue that requires a replacement board (keep in mind there was no water/shock/drop/heat damage); I’ve also visually inspected the board myself (comp. engineering student) and I don’t see any bad caps/chips/etc (visually, have yet to check more thoroughly).

Apple would replace the logic board for $375+$100 labor, but my main concern is the data I have on the device (prefer to not use 3rd-party data recovery). Any suggestions on what could be wrong given there wasn’t any physical damages? I know these boards are notorious for failing and suspect a logic/firmaware problem, but I’m curious if there are any suggestions/similar experiences here.

Thanks in advance!