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    Discussion MBP (A1989, mid-2018) Not Powering On - No Water/Drop/Shock Damage

    I have a 20-month old A1989 (661-09759, i7-16GB-256GB, mid-2018 touch bar) that has stopped powering on (running Mojave, it was installing 2020-003 security update the last time it was on). Per Apple store and a third-party tech, it has an unknown logic board issue that requires a replacement...
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    Question Curious about logic board damage from a battery fire

    Hello everyone, I’m interested in this iPhone 7 Plus I scored really cheap. I got it for cheap because someone who didn’t know what they were doing tried replacing the battery by prying it out instead of removing the Taptic Engine and pulling out the adhesive. I’m sure you can guess what...
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    So I got an old 2012 Macbook pro laying around collecting dust. At the time I purchased it I had it all pimped out to the max with ram, board, the biggest hd, you know, with whatever could be upgraded from the Apple Store, and I paid a hefty price for it regretfully. Anyway, I'm pretty sure...
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    Possibly dead backlight chip

    http:// Can someone tell if something is fried on this board? Macbook pro 13" A1278. I suspect the backlight chip, it turns on with no backlight, but with sound. I have tried to reset the smc. It only turns when plugged in, when i disconnect the power adapter it immediately shuts down, it wint...
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    MacBook Pro: Malfunctioning headphone port

    My uncle has had a MacBook Pro for some time and recently the headphone port failed to recognize his headphones so the only way to hear audio was through the onboard speakers. So he took it to the Apple store. Apple told him they had to replace the whole Logic board: $500. About a month...
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    Cat pissed on my note 4

    I woke up today and found out that my cat pissed on my note 4 I had for a month and a half. I took out the battery cleaned it and put it in rice for several hours. I decided it has dried enough and put the battery in and try starting it up, it did not power up. I tried to find out why and...