Kevin Jeong

Apr 2, 2015
I woke up today and found out that my cat pissed on my note 4 I had for a month and a half.
I took out the battery cleaned it and put it in rice for several hours.
I decided it has dried enough and put the battery in and try starting it up, it did not power up.
I tried to find out why and took a better look and realized that one of the battery connector was gone, it apparently melted away.
I did notice green stain when I was cleaning the phone in the morning but did not think much of it.
I took the phone apart and found many corrosion inside.
I cleaned up the corrosion and put the parts in rice.
I was wondering if I were to replace the battery connectors in the motherboard would I be able to save the motherboard? or am I just Screwed?