McAfee VirusScan 9.1.06 Update-worse than a virus!


Apr 22, 2005
Beware of the fiasco currently taking place with McAfee VirusScan 9. End-users should know that they should DISABLE automatic update and NOT to install update 9.1.06. If they install the 9.1.06 update, they will wish they hadn’t since it slows down your computer (just as if you had downloaded a virus IMO).

McAfee unleashed their bug filled update 9.1.06 on unsuspecting customers of their McAfee Viruscan 9, though their "automatic" update service. The bug causes massive slow downs on user's computer(s), using up large amounts of CPU cycles according to task manager (some end-users reporting up to 80-90% CPU taken up by MCSHIELD.EXE), and causes Windows XP to issue file protection warning(s), asking for the install diskette to reinstall files. Rather than issue a fix now, or renaming the prior update and issue that the old updates as 9.1.07 until McAfee can fix the problem, McAfee Support posted a "Sticky" post asking users to volunteer as guinea pigs by installing a debugging software. No timeline is given by McAfee Support for a fix, but end-users are asked to install a debugging program on their already slow computers, so they can act as free beta tester for McAfee.

All this is posted in numerous posts in the McAfee Help Forums, here is just one of many threads.

For those of you who are thinking of getting McAfee's anti-virus or other products, I suggest you read the McAfee Help Forums first. What you will find is that most of the problems users experience are due to poor or non-existent testing of software updates, followed by no end user support. The chat support is a joke, like 100 monkeys on 100 phones in India. And they charge you for phone support, so you can pay for their incompetence.

Here is the link to the end-user reporting quote, “At times the task MCSHIELD.EXE takes up all of my processor (80-90 plus percent) and prevents me from doing anything else.”

Here is the link to the post by McAfee Support, giving NO timeline for a fix, and asking end-users to install a debugging program to act as free beta testers. Quote, “Please follow the instructions to run our debugging utility. In your email put the subject line as 9.1.06 update . Also don't run the tool if you did a system restore. The data we need is when your computer is in the state that you are experiencing problems. So if you are getting File protection messages or have problems with your email etc. Run the tool now.

Download and run”


The Watcher sees all, and knows all. I like to watch!


Sep 15, 2002
McAfee is poop. Just get Avast, it is free, better than Norton, and sucks VERY little system resources.

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