Mic static // 3.5mm USB adapter

Nov 18, 2018
Hi guys!

I got a question and you peeps certainly know more about this than I do!

I bought a Beyerdynamic Custom Game after doing quite a bit of research it seemed like a good headset for me!
However, after using it and skyping I was fairly disappointed by the mic quality since it has a constant beeping static. I used to use a Logitech G930 which had way worse sound quality but the mic didn't give any noise or static to the people I would skype with.

After wanting to just return in due to this issue I decided to give it a try on my macbook, other desktop and phone and guess what... no static at all!
So the problem most likely ain't with the mic of the headset. So I tried to think of why the Logitech might not have this issue and the main difference between the 2 is that the Logitech is a USB headset where the Custom Game issues a 3.5mm jack. Doing some more research n finding that static occurs a lot more in 3.5mm jacks then USB connections and looking even further I found this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CjFNWvqWhn4&t=398s
What do you guys think? is it worth it to buy a USB adapter like this and give it a shot? Or is there something else I should try before doing this?

People also mentioned it might be due to a shitty onboard soundcard or PSU so for the sake of information the motherboard I got is an Asus X99-A and my PSU is a RM850i, is this a motherboard and PSU that are known for static audio? Or does it have nothing to do with this?

Another very weird thing I discovered with this is that while I have my mic muted. the people I skype with can hear my computer's audio (like music I'm playing). Maybe this is some usefull information too, or maybe anyone knows why this is :p.

Thanks a bunch!

Edit: I found out how to fix the skype looping back my sound issue. if the headset is plugged into the front it does this but not when plugged into the back! Why this is.. IDK :(