Microphone Static When Streaming/Recording/Listening to Mic [PLEASE HELP]

Rich Steele

Sep 22, 2013
Hi guys,

I have seen many videos and forums similar to my query and tried multiple things but I am left clueless. Please can someone who knows what they're talking about help me :)

[/b]I have a Corsair gaming headset with microphone built in. Both wires connect to my sound card via 3.5mm jack. When I am recording or when I tick "listen to this device" in sound options, there is a faint static noise in the background at all times. When I press the microphone mute switch on the headphones, it goes deadly silent and as soon as I flick it back on, the noise is back. Its like a low buzzing tone (weak electricity sound). It's worth saying that I do have the boost option ticked in Sound settings. I have to do this otherwise the micrphone is too quiet and I literally have to have all games on 1% volume to be able to hear myself.

Headset - Corsair Vengeance 2100
Sound card - Creative Audigy RX
Case - Antec 1200
Motherboard - Asus P5Q Deluxe

More Information:
I have tried touching all parts of my case to see if human contact changes the sound in any way but it didn't do anything (not even slightly). I did used to have a Creative X-Fi sound card and the noise back then was much worse. Now I have upgraded my sound card, the noise has become much better but its still there! I want it silent like when the mic is muted as mentioned above. I have tried touching my case and back of the sound card with a piece of metal but no noise change. I have tried a different (cheaper) headset also with built-in micrphone and the noise is the same. I have tried connecting a 3.5mm ground loop isolator that I bought on ebay but the microphone doesnt work when this is connected. When I connect to the audio wire (green one), there is no change except the audio I hear (playback) is quieter so I just removed this. I have also tried changing my computer power lead, disconnecting monitor power etc but no change to this sound. I did notice that my sound card is quite close to my graphics card so I might move it up one slot later but I am not expecting it to change really. Is it my motherboard? Is it my headset? If I change to a USB headset, will that fix the problem? (I dont really want to have to do this).

I did test a Blue Yeti micrphone (this has its own built in sound card) and the noise fixed. But I dont want one of these, I like the headset and mic on my head.

Please help guys! This is bugging me a lot!
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