News Microsoft Surface Slim Pen 2 unveiled with new features to rival Apple Pencil

Dec 15, 2021
This article is misleading. it says that the pen can be charged directly via USB-C however that is not the case. The pen has no ability to be charged via USB-C at all. You need to try and find the charging cradle that comes with the gen 1 pen. I read this article and bought one expecting it to be chargeable via USB-C. Can't trust tomsguide to report devices accurately I guess. Probably just copy pasted whatever marketing fluff Microsoft gave them.

The image that the article says is the pen charging by USB-C is actually not. It is the pen sitting in the chargin cradle from gen 1 that you cannot even buy seperately, and the cradle is perhaps charged by USB-C I dunno but it doesn't come with the pen so unless you have the charging dock from gen 1 pen you are SOL and can't charge the pen unless you have one of the devices that can wirelessly charge it.