Minimal steps to "root" TF300T (an android device)


The blessed thing came with bloatware which has permissions to take video and use the microphone. I would like to get rid of the bloatware and get closer to ensuring that someone isn't able to see and hear me.

What's the minimum amount of work that I have to do to get to a place where I can remove this junk? Thanks.


This should have about a million different firmwares and everything you ever wanted to know about the device.

Take your care doing this for a first time, read through there, ask questions in the Q&A section, and you should be good. Looks like they got AOKP, CM10.1, AOSP, all kinds of different ROM's that should get rid of everything get you to a stock android. You can screw things up, so don't dive in head's first and ask questions and read, read, read. I've done some guides on there for my phone and it's amazing that no matter how many pictures, files and description you put, people rush in half way, don't read, brick there device then start sending anonying private messages to me pleading for help. I ran my tool that I made like 100 times on 3 of my own phones before I released it, it worked but if you don't ask and follow instructions, don't wonder why no one will help you on there.