Jun 29, 2014
So a couple weeks ago, I ended up buying an Asus X205. It's not very powerful, but it does most of what I need to do just fine, and it gets EPIC battery life. But of course, it can't do everything. It's lacking in some areas.

For example, older games tend to run fine. Great, in fact. But try to play anything even fairly new, and you're going to have some trouble. But that's to be expected... And when it comes to video editing, it's quad core. Great. But the poor single core performance really holds it back, even compared to something like my old laptop with a Turion TL-60. About 500 per core max on passmark. But the Atom Z3735F (if I remember correctly) even with about 1000 total on passmark and about 300+ max in single core performance, it just can't quite keep up. I didn't expect it to, but I always like seeing where any machine's limits are...

Anyway, I figured that at this point, I would go the direction of getting something as more of a workstation, and use the X205 when I need a really portable and capable laptop to take around with me when needed. So of course, I'm looking for something that's actually capable of video editing first and foremost... But if I'm going to find something that's capable of decent editing, I also want it to be able to game a bit too... I don't think my expectations are too high... Battlefield 4/Hardline at 1280x720 on low settings with maybe 30+ frames per second. Hopefully staying above 30, and stable when crazy things are going on... Of course, I immediately thought of an APU. But I was surprised to find that mobile APU's didn't fare much better than Intel's HD graphics. I was shocked by this, considering the APU performance I saw on desktop APU's. (A10 7850k)

It seems I might just be able to get away with something like this...

It seems that this has AMD's highest performing gaphics on a mobile APU... And it seems like it would get the job done in Hardline... Not optimally, but... BF4 doesn't seem to do to well with it. But when it comes to editing, it's got some horsepower...

Even this is more than I want to spend. But if I had to, I would. I think that with what I want, something like Lenovo's IdeaPad Y-series would suit me better with those Ultrabay GPU's... Pretty sweet, but again, blowing my budget...

I guess you get what you pay for. Any suggestions..?
The Radeon R7 (Kaveri) graphics core is basically equal to the nVidia 920m or an older nVidia GT 640m. Desktop AMD APUs have better graphics performance because they consume much more power and generate much more heat than a mobile APU.

If gaming is important to you then get the Lenovo Y40-80 which starts at $650, or the Y50 which starts at $900.