Moderator Needed

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What do you think a moderator is for: to keep order,to delete questionable
and illegal content,to warn and if the warnings go unheaded,to remove
troublemakers.Nobody likes to do it,but if a person is creating
problems,filling up the server with negative rubbish and they won't stop,the
moderator must preserve a positive atomosphere and is left with no
choice,but to give that person the boot!

Constructive criticism is one thing,but negative criticism and outright
hostility and troubemaking are another thing all together!

"irwell" <> wrote in message
> On Wed, 30 Mar 2005 12:52:22 -0500, "Valdivar" <
> .That's why I
>>like the satforums!They're well moderated!
> Moderate, a noun meaning avoiding extremes.
> Purging for dissent is not moderation.