Monitor connected to receiver takes longer and longer to turn on


Aug 4, 2015
Hello everyone,

Last year I had a monitor connected to my Receiver, my Receiver is connect to my GPU with HDMI.
The monitor would work properly if I get the monitor on at all times. But when I turn it off, even after the first time I turned it off, it would take a few tries to get it to grab the signal.

Then every time I turned it off, it would take longer and longer for the monitor to turn on, until eventually it didn't turn on at all anymore. Before that I kept it on at all times because I was afraid it would stop turning on. Then I made a big mistake and tried Virtual Super Resolution on my main monitor (No the one connected to my Receiver). The monitors would all re initialise and the monitor connected to my Receiver turned off and kept flicking on and off for about 30 minutes before it the light went yellow. I tried turning it off and on a lot of times, but it's simply not turning on.

Now I have a new monitor of the same model connected to it, and the same problem is repeating itself. I'm starting to think it has to do with the fact that it's connected to my Receiver. I have tried replacing the HDMI cable to no avail. The monitor is currently on but I'm really afraid of turning it off, knowing it might just stop working altogether.

Now for my question,

What could cause the monitor to stop working when it's connected to a Receiver?
How would I be able to fix this, if at all possible? The new monitor isn't old at all and it's already showing signs of broken capacitors. The other monitor won't turn on at all on any computer, having tried different cables and different connection methods (HDMI, DVI and even VGA don't work).

Thanks a lot in advance!




Oct 30, 2015
try turning off any "auto" settings especially around resolution. Set a specific resolution that will stop the system from "negotiating" and "handshaking" a number of things.


Aug 4, 2015

Hey, thanks for the reply.
Unfortunately that won't be a solution. I have nothing set to auto in any settings.
I'm very keen on tweaking settings to be precise and effective.
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