Moving dead pixels on a laptop screen


Jun 15, 2016

Since I booted up my laptop yesterday i've had issues with a diagonal row of dead pixels in the upper left corner if my screen, I tried to get the pixels unstuck by putting on pixel unstuck videos for a while yet it didn't work. After this i shut down my laptop in the hope they would be gone tomorrow.

Today the row of dead pixels is still more or less in the same spot, but horizontal?! Now i work in an electronics shop but i've never seen moving dead pixels, can anyone help me please?

If anybody wants to know the laptop i use for any kind of specs they might need for my answer here it is: Lenovo Y510P

Thanks in advance,


Jun 15, 2016
Well it's the third day, and the pixels dropped about half a cm down on my screen and is now diagonal again....
I dont get this.
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