Moving windows 10 OS from HDD to MSATA SSD


Mar 20, 2014
Hi I have found many threads on this topic but am still confused and don't understand exactly. first off I have an Acer v5-573p-9899 laptop and it has a 750gb Hard drive but also an empty msata port where I am going to be installing a 250gb msata ssd. I don't have anything really on the laptop so my question is when I install the msata ssd how can I just move the OS from the hard drive to the msata ssd? I don't need to back anything up I want to do a fresh install onto the SSD but windows 10 is already active on the hard drive. If its easier to clone I know I can do that through software, but I thought its best to move it from the hard drive to the msata ssd so I can use the hard drive for storage and the ssd as a boot drive. if someone could explain I would really appreciate it. thanks!



How much total used space is on the current drive?
How much of that is Doc/Music/cat videos?


Feb 12, 2008

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