MSI GE60 apache pro OR ASUS ROG GL551JW

Mohanad yaser

May 31, 2015
I want to buy a gaming laptop

Currently i am confused about two laptops

With maximum budget of 1100$

First one
MSI GE60 Apache Pro 1066$

Second one

ASUS ROG GL551JW 1049$

Both laptops has a nearly similar specs
(16GB ram) (nvidia 960m) (intel core i7)
And similar price
But my question is

Which laptop has a better quality ( cooling system , screen , materials and every thing else )
Please answere with details
Hello Mohanad yaser

Since both the laptops are identical with no difference in hardware specifications, you can pick the one whose after sales service are better and an authorized service center is close to your place..

At a personal note, I would have gone for MSI instead of ASUS. There is no specific reason for this and it is just the matter of individual interest.

Good Luck!!