MSI GE63VR 7RF - Fans curve won't stay MSI Dragon Center


Nov 26, 2013
I currently have a msi laptop. And using the msi dragon center I have a custom fan curve so the laptop is not too loud.

But soon as my laptop reaches 79c the laptop fans go to 5,000rpm. I have a custom curve so it should stay at 3,000 rpm.

Is there any way I can force the fans not to change when they reach 79c I am happy with my laptop running past those temps if it stays quiter.

(I understand higher temps are not good for the laptop ect, I have used throttle stop to lower cpu heat down which stays fine just gpu temp that just about hits 80c)
The BIOS is probably overriding it, I don't know if you can force it otherwise, MSI probably locked it out for safey reasons, same way GPU's can override your custom fan profiles.