MSI GT70 G Series is BSODing after a graphics card stopped working, now my NVIDIA crashes the system every time it boots


Oct 22, 2016
Hello, First off, I am not a very tech-savvy user so any technical questions will have to be very plainly worded!

I'm the owner of a MSI GT70 G-series gaming laptop ( this one ) and I have an NVIDIA graphics card (NVIDIA GeForce GTX 780M) related problem.

Around last week, after the latest GameReady driver update finally went through while I was playing an MMO, my entire laptop blacked out out of nowhere despite everything have been running fine before it (perfectly so, even).

There was no power or anything, and it wouldn't even turn on, so I had to send it in to get looked at at a repair shop. They told me that it was a graphics card issue (and not a surge one as I'd suspected) and they repaired it for me, with my system managing to turn on. However, after that, I started getting continuous blue screen of death with this error:

At the time it was Windows 10, the free upgrade, 32 bit I believe. Like I'd just log in and the whole screen would freeze up, and that would show with the computer restarting. So I went in into safe mode and disabled the nvidia display driver, and managed to get the laptop functioning, but after I re-enabled the display driver, it went back to crashing and I was advised to try a clean boot. since the windows upgrade was during the period that it was free, I didn't have windows 10, so I had to downgrade back to Windows 7 Ultimate Edition 64 bit.

At first, when I tried to install after a clean boot, it worked, and there was no trouble. But after some windows updates, the problem started again.

This has been happening over the last week days, and I'm restoring my laptop after having wiped it, but my card is still giving me the same issue after all the windows updates. I've tried clean installs, everything. It's still doing the same thing.

I've contacted NVIDIA who have been very helpful and good about their tech support, but none of their fixes have been helping so far. I can run the laptop on the intel integrated graphics but they're obviously not good enough alone for the graphic intensive work I need to do (photography edits for clients and some mmo-ing on the side)

MSI has the weirdest tech support options and I don't know how to reach them or I'd ask them if they could get hardware diagnostics done but anyway-

I wanted to know, if it's possible for the NVIDIA card to be replaced at all? I don't live anywhere near any MSI service centers though (currently not in the U.S) , so I'll have to figure this out first.

And if it can't, then I have to wonder what are my options on replacing/selling this DX thanks for your time and hope someone can help me.