msi or lenovo same pris


Nov 5, 2016

Intel Core i7-6700HQ prosessor 2,60GHz
Nvidia GTX 960M, 2 GB
1 TB HDD, 256 GB SSD
17.3 1920 x 1080 (Full HD)
RAM (GB) 8,00 DDR4
Lenovo Y50-70
-512GB SSD
-15,6. 4k Skjerm
-GeForce GTX860M 4GB
-Core i7-4710HQ
4K 15,6
Greetings, shaynee:

Well, this is interesting... Personally, I'd go for the Lenovo for these reasons:

a) More RAM (crazy as it sounds, 8 GBs is the bare minimum if you want to do standard productivity and play interesting games these days.)
b) 1 larger SSD (fewer components likely to fail.)
c) GPU (the 860M is bigger but also older - this might actually turn out to be a tie.)
d) I have a Y50 myself, and I'm actually surprised you can still get them - and with a 4K display, I'd jump on it fast.

The MSI is a very desirable gaming machine with decent specs. But it does seem to be quite shaved down, i.e. a "prices start at" option. That said, it has a newer and more efficient CPU and the GPU, although only 2 GBs, is newer and might actually be just as fast. Then of course, you get a larger screen.

The Lenovo, on the other hand, is probably a special 'fire-sale' offer which may explain the very generous specs. As I said earlier, I'm surprised you can still buy these things. It's a bit like auto makers trying to clear the inventory to make room for a new model by offering 'Classic' versions of the remaining old models... But as a Lenovo user myself, I'd still consider the Y50 a generous and reliable proposition.

From experience, I know the Lenovo will play games like Tomb Raider and GTA V at medium-to-high settings, but not at Ultra or Extreme. I doubt the 2 GBs on the MSI can handle that, even on a Skylake processor. If you're never going to play the abovementioned games (or similar games), the 3-year-old Lenovo model still takes the lead as the best all-round multi-tasker available today.

Best of luck whatever you choose,

My own Y50 is very similar to the one listed above, except it has a 256GB SSD and a 2K IPS display. The GPU and the CPU are the same and although 4K is certainly going to improve everyday viewing pleasure, I doubt the 860M will be able to provide enough power to make any significant difference in terms of AAA gaming at Ultra settings. Besides, screen resolution will mainly affect battery life.

The fact remains that the Y50 model is 3 years old by now, and it does show in these special circumstances. The MSI uses a quad-core Skylake processor which I'm given to believe is much more efficient even at identical clock speeds. The same goes for the GPU, more or less.

But if you're not concerned with this level of gaming, the Y50 will handle anything you can throw at it without breaking a sweat - The Evil Within, We Happy Few, most UE4-based games and of course any game below that.



May 19, 2015
I would go for the MSI one if you have to choose between only these two.
that 4k screen is just useless to game with and is drawing lots of power. and at such 'small' screen size it does not make much sense to go with the old lenovo.

what are the reasons it has to be one of these?

My point was, that he can't play the same games at the same frame rates and detail levels @4k as he can @1080p.
My understanding is that playing games at 4k resolution is far more than a matter of just affecting battery life. The higher rez you want to play at, the more powerful a GPU is needed to maintain detail and playability/frame rates. Of course the 4k display can be dialed down to 1080p or lower if need be.


Maybe I wasn't clear enough in my previous comment - I agree completely with your assessment. My 860M is struggling at High settings on a 2K display (GTA V) - trying to go Ultra on a 4K display just seems beyond its capacity. For everyday usage - surfing, general productivity - a 4K display is bound to improve the overall viewing experience.

Ah, okay! Thanks for the clarification. :D I figured I might be misunderstanding. Sorry about that.