multiple sound outputs?


Sep 10, 2014
Is it possible or does anyone know of a software that can do this? For example, I have my TV in my living room hooked as a secondary monitor, which my wife uses to watch netflix, but the sound comes from my PC speaker system. I'd like the netflix to use the tv's speakers and then everything else can use my PC setup. Otherwise I have to mute my game while she watches netflix


Jan 9, 2015

There is. I can get it to work but am looking for a better free solution.
Currently my trick is to confuse the system:
1. I set my default playback device to the G930 headset
2. Run the game, check sound is good
3. Alt-Tab out to windows, and change the default playback device to the TV Surround system you have configured.
4. Run Netflix or whatever
5. Alt-Tab back to the game, hopefully the sound will still be coming out of the headset, and your TV outputting Netflix sound.

I actually have AutoHotkey commands to change the defaults from one output to the other so it's all done in a second...
Maybe this won't work depending on the game, but seems to work for me all the time. Windows 8.1.