Multiroom audio streaming from my PC


Nov 18, 2009

I have a media PC at home, and I would like to set up some sort of
streaming system from it, so that whatever's playing through the sound
card (i.e. audio line out), can be streamed to a receiver in another

My flat is small (450 sq. ft), and I have my PC and stereo in my living room.

I have a spare pair of the Harman Soundsticks II which I have set-up
in my bedroom, and I would like to hear in my bedroom, what's playing
in my living room. That way I can wander between the two and hopefully
hear both sources of music in sync, or listen to TV or podcasts whilst
getting on with other things.

I've had a look at the sonos and the squeezbox, but I'm not sure if
they allow one to stream from the PC - it seems they only access files
on the PC.

I have assumed that a wireless stream from the PC would be the
cheapest way - perhaps there is a high quality analogue transmitter /
receiver instead?

Any advice or suggestions would be much appreciated!




Jan 5, 2011
I have a sonos hooked up to my computer and I find it great for listening to my music I have stored on my computer . The computer has to be turned on to access your music files on your computer .To access any radio stations you just need your internet connection on --computer can be turned off.
Since you only want one extra room you can connect a wireless audio transmitter to your PC. It will need to use the same connection as your PC speakers since you can't run two audio devices at the same time.
There are a lot of different ones. You don't need anything fancy since your speakers don't warrant it. You will need a way to control the volume in that room so the receiver will need a volume control if the speakers don't have a convenient one built in.

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