My acer e1-571 won't turn on out of nowhere


Oct 21, 2016

I have left my laptop at home for 5 days of not using it and kept it plugged into the charger.

After coming back home yesterday I have found it not to be turning on.

I plug it in to the charger, the orange light stays on. Then I proceed to turn it on with the power button and the blue light bulb led and the one next to the power button both stay on for like 5 seconds, without blinking, and then shut off. There was no sound.

I hear no fan or anything starting to work when the blue lights are on.

So I did a couple of battery resets and the problem insisted. After removing and putting the Ram back on added with another battery reset, I did hear the fan starting to work when turned on, as if it would almost start booting up, but then it just shut off again.

I tried repeating this atleast to hear the fan again, but I never heard it working atleast for short time after.

Also, the converter im using is very damaged but I don't know if this can be the problem if the charging led is not blinking and is always on when it is in the laptop.

Thank you for your time!
If your charger cord is damaged, it may no longer be able to charge the battery and run the laptop, or even just run the laptop. I would first try a different one to see if that will work.