My Acer laptop (windows 8) crashed.


Aug 23, 2014
It doesnt have a disc drive and i do not have any backup data. Im using my daughters laptop and was wondering if i could get backup media somewhere and put it on a usb so i can get my comp working again?

Kinda dumb with computers lately, sorry if this was answered somewhere already


Aug 21, 2014
Sorry, your question is kind of vague. Can you describe the crash on your Win 8 laptop? What sort? What preceded it?

What happens when you try to boot? What messages do you see (if any)? Do you see anything on the screen?

Can you get into the BIOS (or UEFI - which newer PCs have)? (You need to press a key just after power up- maybe F2, F10- varies with manufacturer).

First thing I'd try if it gets that far is to see if it would boot using a boot CD (which you can download from the internet for free - search 'boot CD' and create one) - or use your Win 8 disk (if you have created one)- or the recovery USB (win 8.1) - if you created one. It depends what you have to hand.

Any Win 8 disk should help you with startup repair and other such functions if your laptop still works sufficiently to allow you to boot from it.

If you can tell us more, you'll probably get some more help.