My android phone wont turn on or charge


Feb 10, 2013
Hello, my android phone wont turn on fully. when i press the power button to turn it on the screen only displays the little android robot and doesn't go to the main screen. And when i put it on the charger, it wont turn on. I dont know whats wrong with it. Can any one help me.


How old is the phone ? Have you ever replaced the battery ? It could be a defective battery and now it may not work any more , so you may need a new one. If it's not the battery and it's the phone then it may still be under warranty so a call to your cell phone provider might help.


Mar 28, 2014
i am having a problem almost same as this, the only difference is that after i tried 2 recharge my phone after like 1 hour i came to turn it on to check a few stuffs but it wont turn on any idea what may have happened ,btw i visited a page called watchseries.lg and there were so ads there which i accidentally clicked.


Jun 13, 2015
I had the same thing happen to me, all I did was take out the battery and left it out over night. For some reason in the morning when I put the battery back in and plugged the charger in it worked. Hope this helps someone.
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