My asus laptop turning on and off repeatedly, then won't exit bios


Jan 15, 2013
Hello, I have Asus K55V with windows 7 (I was having trouble with windows 8 it came with). Yesterday the laptop turned off, because the battery was at 0%. I charged it, then turned it on, the screen with asus logo came in and after 2 seconds it turned off, then on again, off, on... and so on.

I tried to hold F2 I think, so the laptop turned on to BIOS, but I can't exit it and go to windows, and now everytime I turn it on it boots to BIOS. I tried unplugging battery, unplugging hdd, holding down power button with battery out, taking out cmos, restoring defaults on bios options and I don't know what else, and nothing works so far.

The 2 years laptop warranty ended like month ago, so I don't want to take it to repair until I try to fix it at home. Do you have any suggestions what to do?


Aug 1, 2015
Is it just going around in a cycle in BIOS trying to boot, doesn't find anything then goes restarts, tries again?

I am having the same trouble with an Acer after a failed Win 10 UG. I am starting to wonder if the CMOS battery could be exhausted?


Jan 15, 2013

Yes, something like that. But it doesn't restart automatically. I choose to exit bios and then it boots in bios again. I don't know what it can be, I don't really know many things about computers.

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