My brand new Asus (2 of them) N750JK - No Post (Black Screen) adventures


Jul 3, 2014
This issue was posted like a dozen times, with different brands, but i'm trying my luck. I will try to keep it short.

Last week i got a brand new Asus N750J(K), did the unboxing, plugged in the charger and left it for aprox. 3 hours, as Asus recommends it before the first power on.
After that, power on, it started, posted, launched FreeDos, everything was fine. Ctrl+Alt+Del, F2, entering BIOS, changed boot priority to DVD, Save changes, restart and that was it. Forgot to mention, i had a Win 7 Ultimate x64 in the drive, ready to install windows. But after the restart, i got the black screen, at first, i didn't noticed anything weird, i was like "ok, it's a laptop after all, it takes a while to get things started, but after 10 minutes, it was the same. Normaly, power off, and power on again. Same thing, meaning no post.

Power led was on, HDD led is on for like 2-3 seconds right after it starts, but goes off, some coolers are running, but that's all. Ok, it was time for "web search". After like 4-5 hours of searching the web + trying all kinds of solutions, pressed the Power button with charger, with no charger, turned off, 30 sec, 1 min, i think even 5 min once, hooked it up to 2 different TV's, 2 different desktop monitors, hooked up my phone to it via usb (i wasn't thinking clearly in the end, i was like who the hell knows, maybe it will display something) i gave up.

I couldn't try the "remove the battery for a while", cause it's not possible on this model, unless you open the back cover, wich i presume leads to loosing the warranty. Also, there's no reset button, no reset hole.

Ok, pack it back up, and the next day, sent it back to the shop, and let them know what happend via their customer service online. Got a reply like "Dear sir, your laptop is not designed for
Windows 7, only Windows 8. Thank you." I didn't wanted to start an endless online arguing regarding Asus "recommends" windows 8 and u cannot find suitable drivers for windows 7 on specific models, etc, etc, and what in the world has that to do with "no posting".

But after that, i tought, maybe they are right, i'm not too familiar with UEFI, with security boot, maybe i've managed to "kill it" with my windows 7 attempt, even tough my 2 neurons didn't agree
with this logic.

Anyway, that was last week, today i got the "replacement". Same model, but a brand new one, i have checked the S/N, and they also said this in the RMA paper, that it's a brand new one.

And offcourse, deja vu :) Same thing, with one small change, this time i tried a Windows 8.1 Pro, wich like an idiot, i bought, even tough it's no use for me over a win 7, but let's not upset the
"UEFI" and Asus. Start, FreeDos, Restart, Bios, Change Boot priority, Save, Restart and now i have such a nice piece of aluminium and plastic with a black screen, some fan noise and 2 leds.

Called Asus this time, and the guy had good intentions, but he asked me to press the Power button in various combinations, to restart, to remove the main battery, i said i can't, to use a
toothpick in the reset hole, i said i don't have a reset hole, he laughed, and he told me to send it back to the shop for RMA.

I called the shop, and they are "happy" to send me a 3rd one, but i told them i don't want a 3rd one, because having 2 with the same problem in 6 days, considering i have done the same steps
before the black screen, it's too big of a coincidence. So it's either a batch of laptops with serious hardware issues, and offcourse i got 2 of them, it's either Asus messing up with BIOS on these models.

I have read on this forum that someone wanted to enable the animated Asus logo from bios, on a brand new laptop and got the same "gift" on restart. And they guy also got some replies telling him
not to change anything in the BIOS anymore if the returned laptop works. Well, i didn't wanted the animated logo, but i want to be able to change settings in BIOS, maybe i will want to update the
BIOS, and there's a power surge at that time, and it restarts, god knows what it will do in that case.

Kind of dissapointed in Asus in this case, i have used Asus as a brand for over 15 years on desktop motherboards, video cards, recently even home routers, but i have a feeling it's not just Asus with these kind of laptop problems.

And why on earth no reset hole? Clear CMOS hole? Drain battery hole? These are some of the best inventions in IT! Now i envy people with reset holes.

So maybe someone knows something i couldn't find, by all means, i would love a reply like "you idiot, press X+Y and Power button", seriously, rather than sending this laptop back, and choose
between a 3rd chance with Asus or another brand.

Sorry i wasn't short on the message, and please excuse any english grammar errors, it's not my native language.


Bughy Yo

Jul 21, 2014
Same thing . I changed already 3 of them : Asus n750jk-T4186D . It's something from the manufacturing . bios freeze the laptop when you select to boot from cd

Bughy Yo

Jul 21, 2014
i order another series : asus n750jk-T4032D .
now I will change the boot security and some setings and if do the same i will chose dell ...
one block from asus he told me to send the laptop back to reset the bios :))) .
In my mind i said "and u expect me to receivit back ? why you , asus , dont retry all the laptops from the market to fix them ? " i thing was a good question for him , no ?
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