My car’s infotainment screen broke — and it highlighted an issue with modern cars

Space Cowboy

Jan 8, 2009
This a definite issue and as the author mentioned, they do control a lot more. Recently, my infotainment system wouldn't come on once I started my vehicle. I contacted Uconnect who supports my system and they stated I needed to download and install a software update that would fix this bug. I did as they stated and followed all the instructions precisely, but it failed. Furthermore, it went into a constant loop wanting me to reset and install again. After doing a little bit of research on the internet, I found that others that experienced this ended up having a bricked in system which the people ended up needing a new system which cost well over $1000. Of course, there are those on the internet that had so-called 'fixes/hacks' which I tried out of despiration because in South Texes you NEED your A/C to function correctly.

The sad thing is that Uconnect admits their software caused my system to be bricked in. My question is to them... 'If you KNOW your software is causing systems to be bricked, why not FIX your software?!?' Brilliant!