My computers hard drive broke please help


Apr 28, 2016
So I recently dropped my computer and when I opened it back up after I dropped it it would not let me go past startup repair. So 2 days later I took the computer to a shop and I payed 60$ for them just to open it up check it out and see if they could fix it and what they told me is that the hard drive is not recoverable and that I will lose my data and need a new hard drive. This is really not a big deal for me as all I really had of importance on that computer was some video games,but the big thing is though that they told me the cost to replace my 1 tb hard drive was 200$!!! I thought this was absurd because when I looked online a 1 tb hard drive was only 50$. So I was wondering if there was any way I could buy the hard drive online and just put it in myself.

I have a Acer Laptop Aspire E E5-573G-52G3 Intel Core i5 5200U (2.20 GHz) 8 GB Memory 1 TB HDD NVIDIA GeForce 940M 2 GB 15.6" Windows 10 Home 64-Bit

Thank you everybody who helps me with this it will be a great help, also if you could I would like to know the safest way to put it in without damaging any of my computer or if you had a youtube tutorial that would be great too. Also I don't have a warranty on it.