My Dell laptop Not charging. The charger is good. I replaced a new battery but it's still saying plug in not charging. What

Aug 14, 2018
My Dell laptop Not charging. The charger is good. I replaced new battery but it's still saying plug in not charging. What can I do to fix this? Thanks
Are you sure it isn't the charger?

Try turning off the laptop (off not sleep or hibernate) and see if it will charge when off. If it will actually charge when turned off, then the charger is starting to go bad and would need replacing.

However, if it will not charge even when off, then it could be the battery (especially if the new one is an aftermarket one) or the charging circuit.
Jan 2, 2019
I'm having this same problem. I am using a genuine Dell A/C adapter, and I just replaced the battery with an OEM one. Computer boots up and runs normally when on the wall power, but battery says it is plugged in and not charging. When not connected to wall power, it will not even turn on and the indicator light at the front flashes 4x Amber/1x white.

I read somewhere else on here that the error code could mean a fatal battery error. Could this really be the case? The battery is a genuine dell battery, and during startup the BIOS never throws a message saying the power supply is unrecognized or inadequate. Do I need to run a BIOS update? What am I missing? This seems such a strange problem to be getting when all other factors are controlled for. I'm not using any third-party hardware.

Might be an issue with the electronics in the battery. Otherwise, it could be an issue at the board.

Not unless this is a known BIOS issue.


Sep 23, 2014
I have read that this is a known BIOS issue. Need to update the BIOS (for Dell laptops). The catch is that you can't update the BIOS without a battery that's charged to a certain percentage, like 20% or 30%. The error message will tell you the percentage, when you try to update the BIOS. So if your laptop isn't charging the battery, and the battery has lost its charge, you may need to buy a new battery for the purpose of updating BIOS.
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