My hitachi 42hxt12u tv won't switch on its flashing red and blue

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Aug 3, 2016
Before adding our old 42" TV to the pile of other ones down the tip, I thought I'd see if I could have a go at fixing it.
The stand by lights would flash red & blue, but the TV would not turn on.

After a bit of research, I took the back of the TV off, and thanks to a few YouTube videos, I found the problem was 3 blown capacitors on the power board.
These capacitors store the energy that then power the TV, if one or two stop working correctly, the others have to work harder to provide the charge needed; so for safety, the TV shuts itself down.

I bought 3 replacement capacitors for a total cost of £2.50 from Maplin, and decided to brush off my soldering skills that I last used at school in 1994/5, (being a founding member of the school radio station finally paid off).

I managed to replace the capacitors, which was much easier than I'd expected.. Plugged the TV back in for the moment of truth, and was really pleased to find it now works as good as new!!!!

The kids now have a big TV to play their games on.
And I'm looking for more broken TVs to fix.
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