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    Question Hitachi Android TV and bluetooth headphones

    Hi everyone, I've managed to pair my bluetooth headphones with my Hitachi Android TV (SM20 model) successfully and it all worked fine until I turned the TV and headphones off. Next time I turned it all on, it's not picking headphones automatically and I can't see any settings I can tweak to...
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    Question Unusual Headphone socket Q

    Can anyone tell me what this headphone socket on the back of Hitachi TV? It's marked 3.8V 1A and is smaller dia. than standard 3.5mm. There's a headphone symbol marked around the socket.
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    Solved! Looking for digital channels

    How can i get digital channels on my tvitd a 61udx10b i wanna know if it can get a digital signal
  4. M

    On then off TV power

    My 1994 50 inch hitachi won't stay powered on.
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    Solved! Plasma to ROKU

    Hi, I have an old Hitachi plasma screen tv and I was wondering if it was possible to connect a Roku Express Streaming player to it. Does Anyone have any experience with this? I have tried a 3 RCA to HDMI lead and that doesn’t work. I’m thinking of trying a Scart to HDMI but I would probably...
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    What am I looking for in a hitachi to see if it’s bad

    I tried to reset didn’t work
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    Solved! How can I remove password from my Hitachi SATA hdd

    As soon as I powering my Laptop it asks for Hitachi hdd password please help me
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    Solved! How do I connect my Atari flashback 9 to my hitachi hdtv?

    Hello I’m trying to figure out how to connect the Atari Flashback 9 to my Hitachi led hdtv via the hdmi cable that wasn’t even provided, my cable company gave me an extra one. Sincerely Stressed Mamaz
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    how ti connect hitachi dvd player to samsung 4k smart tv

    how to connect hitachi DVD player to samsung 4k smart tv
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    Solved! What is power recycling mean

    Mt Hitachi sound bar light comes on but no sound
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    Solved! Hitachi Letters WIFI code

    Bought a Hitachi smart TV... can't find the way to input text for WIFI code, remote only allows numbers ... no pop up keyboard
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    Hitachi SB100 will not power off.

    Have a Hitachi SB100 and it will not do anything except show a blue light for power on. It will not power off or pair with other devices. No functions will work.
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    Hitachi tv only shows picture on one side. Other side is blue screen

    55 " Hitachi TV is only showing picture on left side of screen. Right side of screen is blue
  14. B

    Hitachi TV won't turn on.

    So, my TV won't turn on. It is a Hitachi 42". I have tired unplugging and replugging it. It does work sometimes but it eventually goes back to this state. When I plug it it the screen blinks with just gray and goes back to dead. When it is normal there is a red light indicator that is on when it...
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    How do I connect BT headphones to my hitachi smart tv?

    How do I connect Bluetooth headphones to my hitachi smart tv that has a Bose sound bar also connected to the tv? Tia
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    Changed the input to Component but still not working

    I have a Hitachi VCR that I have connected to a Vizio TV thru Component cables. I put a VHS tape into the Hitachi, powered it up and the small screen on the player says it is playing. I have changed the input on the TV to "Component" but it returns a message of No Signal. I have a second Vizio...
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    How to turn 60” hitachi on

    The power buttons are black round on the front bottom. No lights turn on when I try to turn it on. How to check the battery
  18. D

    I have an older hitachi flat screen that is ran by a tower im trying to hook my pioneer dvd player up to it but i cant seem to

    Needing tech help from anyone knowledgable
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    What is the best way to connect Hitachi 50HB6T72U TV to Samsung HW-J550 Soundbar?

    Looking to connect a Hitachi 50HB6T72U TV to Samsung HW-J550 Soundbar. The Hitachi looks like it has a SPDIF (Optical Out) Connection and the Soundbar has an Optical input. But what is the exact converter and cables I need?? Or what is the best way to connect these two devices for optimum sound...
  20. W

    My hitachi smart tv doesn’t bring up my network

  21. G

    Auto channel scan locked

    I have an Hitachi plasma tv in which I can’t get channels to load. I try to do an auto scan in systems but this appears to be locked ( can’t click on the option because it’s not highlighted) Any help appreciated
  22. S

    Hitachi 57F710E rear projection no longer turns on after power failure

    I have a Hitachi 57F710E rear projection tv that won't turn on. We recently had a power failure, the electric went off and on, off and on, and then off and stayed off. This happened in quick succession. After the power was restored the tv wouldn't turn on. I took the back off of the tv and...
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    Hitachi Roku TV 55R80 while watching TV over Antenna screen will change back and forth from full screen to channel guide and s

    Hitachi Roku TV 55R80 while watching TV over Antenna screen will change back and forth from full screen to channel guide and back. This is driving me crazy. You cant watch a show without it changing back and forth between full screen and channel guide overlay on screen. Whats funny about it is...
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    Solved! Hitachi TV Not Working

    I have a 55” Hitachi Model LE55H508 that won’t turn on. It was coming on slowly but now totally dead. No picture, no sound, no red light when off.
  25. J

    Solved! Hitachi 43HK15T74U 4k hdr tv

    Hi I was wondering if the hitachi 43HK15T74U 4k hdr tv I good enough for gaming? I’m on Xbox one but eventually upgrading to the Xbox one x
  26. G

    trying to connect my laptop through rgb to my hitachib tv but keeps saying no sig detected? can you help me?

    hitachi 60' and hp laptop which is a lil older but upgraded\
  27. K

    my hitach tv isn't turning on

    my hitachi tv isn't turning on i did every answer and it's still not working
  28. L

    hitachi LE49S508 TV will not power up

    Hitachi LE49S508 will not power up. The power indicator light will not turn on either. It is a dead set. Can anyone help?
  29. W

    Air/cable Port broke off

    I have a Hitachi 40 inch TV LCD model number 40A3. The coax TV Port broke off. The TV has 3 HDMI ports and a USB 5 volt input. I want to attach an antenna to it. I had read the things that might work like ATSC stand-alone tuner with HDMI. I saw them on Amazon but I don't know if they would work...
  30. B

    old hitachi vga tv lenovo laptop hookup

    i have a hitachi analog tv and am tying to hook up my tv to my lenovo t410 with the s video connecter and vga cables but soon as i plug the s video in the screen goes blank but cannot see my laptop screen on my hitachi television. there are no hmdi on the tv or laptop. is the tv too old? the...
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    HITACHI FLAT SCREEN 1 year old, has volume but picture blinks continually. What might be wrong? Picture is very faint but can see it, just blinks continually
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    scan for channels

    I have a hitachi 55 inch model le55w806 that I can not get to scan for channels
  33. J

    android box with old tv

    I have an older model hitachi tv (no hdmi nor usb ports) and have an android box. What type of cords do I need to hook it up?
  34. D

    My hitachi tv 32in wont turn on just keeps flashing blue tryed all the turning of and holding power button for 60 seconds stil

    My 32inch hitachi tv wont turn on keeps flashing blue and no picture
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    How do I connect my lenovo tablet to my Hitachi TV.

    How do I connect my lenovo tablet to my Hitachi TV. I have connected the tablet to the adapter and have then connected the adapter to the TV HDMI 1 port. I have also connected a power source to the adapter. After selecting HDMI 1 input source on the TV controller, i get a screen message saying...
  36. W

    Coax input broke off on back of TV which is an is a Hitachi 40 in how would I plug up an antenna I don't have cable I have ove

    I need to connect a digital amplified antenna and I don't know if there's a way that I can hook up the antenna without a coaxial input. What can I do to hook up an antenna. The only suggestion I found on the post was someone saying I would need this and when I looked it showed me digital...
  37. A

    Scavenging speakers from my 80's ghetto blaster

    Hi guys and girls. I have a Hitachi TRK-3D8E old school ghetto blaster which has unfortunately bitten the dust. For an unknown reason to me (i've always been very careful to not knock it) all of the functions except the tape player suddenly stopped working. I've dismantled it in an attempt to...
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    Hitachi 70 inch won't turn on!

    My Hitachi 70 inch projector TV (70VX915) suddenly stopped working. It tries to turn on and then all three lights (Blue and 2 Red) just flash before the TV shuts itself down. Others suggest capacitors but don't have skill to replace. Can I just buy new power board and if so is this easy to...
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    How do I connect my Hitachi projector tv 61sd to my cable box

    How do I connect my Hitachi projector tv to my specturm cable bo I bought it yesterday but I am having a hard time connecting it to my cable box
  40. E

    Solved! Hitachi ux21515 flashing blue light. Just replaced bulb

    Just replaced the bulb on a hitachi ux21515 blp projection tv. The only light that comes on is the power light and it keeps flashing. The only way to turn it off after powering on is to unplug it
  41. D

    Hitachi Roku TV - Can Roku Be Replaced?

    Hitachi Model LE50A6R9 - Has an older Roku. Can it be replaced with one of the newer models?
  42. windows7fan

    Toshiba Tecra M11 running hot. Hard drive fitted is a Hitachi HTS725032A9A360

    Hello All, I have bought a Toshiba Tecra M11 laptop. the hard fitted is a Hitachi HTS725032A9A360 320GB. I noticed that the laptop is getting very hot. I am running speedfan 4.5.2 and noticed that the hard drive temperature is 56oC, temp 1 was 105oC now running at 88oC, Core 0...
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    Hitachi hd1080 powers on then off wont stay on

    Have a hitachi hd 1080 powers on but turns right back off any ideas
  44. T

    Solved! Hitachi rear projection and android box

    I have a hitachi rear projection tv. I ordered an hdmi/av cord so I could use my mx pro 4K, but the screen stays black. There's power to the box but nothing shows up on the tv. No start up, nothing.
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    Old Polk speakers

    How do connect my old Polk speakers to my new Hitachi tv
  46. G

    Logitech Z906 to Hitachi smart tv

    Hey there, i was just wondering if someone could help me this, trying to connect my 5.1 logitech Z906 surround sound speakers to my Hitachi 50inch Smart TV via RCA. Only problem is, i noticed there's not many options for outputs on the back of my TV, i don't know much about this, but most of the...
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    Solved! Can't watch tv .

    Hitachi 57s500 tv when turning it on comes on then goes off , on off ,on off, on off ,on off . Keeps doing this for hours. When it finally does stay on , if you move " any " control at all , it begins to go on and off sequence again. ? help
  48. gareththegiant

    Solved! HDMI Sound delay

    I have a laptop, an HP 250 G5. It is running latest version of win10. My set up is laptop to projector via HDMI and the aux out of projector to speakers. When I plug the laptop into the projector the video i am playing starts fine but there is no sound and then after a few minutes the sound will...
  49. C

    Connecting surround sound to tv

    How do I connect a Daewoo AHT 1000 surround sound to a Hitachi 42 inch flat screen TV
  50. J

    A Splattering of Questions Regarding a Panasonic Speakerboard and a Hitachi TV

    Hi guys, Looking to get a Panasonic HTE80EB-K Wireless Speakerboard for a Hitachi 32" TV. Links: Wireless speakerboard: Hitachi 32" TV: Firstly, is the Panasonic...
  51. B

    can i connect my samsung soundbar hw-k450 to my hitachi 50hyt62u

    connecting my Samsung soundbar hw-k450 to my hitachi 50 hyt62u I do not have a sound connection on my tv
  52. K

    How do I connect my new Samsung DVD ubd-km85 player to our old hitachi ultra vision 32hdt50?

    Connect new DVD Samsung player ubd-km85 to older hitachi tv receiver 32hdt50 Looks like I need a digital optical cable, but which kind?
  53. P

    Hitachi Smart TV turns off and on

    I have a hitachi smart led tv I bought it new about 4 months ago and now it randomly switches itself off and on again. There is no pattern to it it does it at random times! Any ideas?
  54. H

    Can any surround sound system be used on a Hitachi tv

    I WANT TO get a surround sound system for my hitachi TV.WILL any brand work ?
  55. J

    Got Hitachi smart tv the picture just gone got sound

    My Hitachi smart tv picture just gone but got sound
  56. G

    old projector without HDMI to connect to my av receiver

    Good Day everyone, ive purchased an old Projector (Hitachi Pj-TX100).since its an old projector, the only available ports are: Component, DVI-D, S-Video, Video, Computer and Control ports..Now, i have the latest version of AV Receiver (Onkyo TX-NR636) which has 6 nos. of HDMI ports,Component...
  57. G

    Hitachi 42HXT12U television

    My Hitachi TV picture wont come on, there is a faint picture like a ghost picture in the back ground. I did switch the tv of for a week and switch it back on again but the problem is still there. Can anyone help me to fix the problem.
  58. C

    hitachi not working

    I have a Hitachi tv l42vco4u last week it took a while to turn on just flashing light now it won't come on at not very techno wise
  59. 1

    Hitachi light flashes on and off

    My Hitachi TV light flashes off and on, when it's unplugged and turned back on it stays on for half a second and then blinks again. Any help??