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  1. M

    how do I connect a new DVD played with HDMI to older Hitachi Tv I bought a HD video converter but its not working

    I have an older HD Hitachi with the usual blue yellow an red connections. I bought an HD video converter HDMI to CVBS/HDMI scaler but I still have not been able to make a connection. The DVD played has the HDMI output.
  2. D

    Hitachi directors series ULTRAVISION

    My hitachi directors series ultra vision will not turn on. The light turns red for standby mode but will not turn on my hdmi inputs. Also when I try unplugging and plugging back in an orange and green light blink in the back panel of the tv. Please help!
  3. F

    Hitachi TV wont do any thing when plugged in

    When I plug in my tv nothing happens. The red light doesn't even turn on. It is about 4 years old. Please help.
  4. C

    Hitachi TV LED Problem

    I have a hitachi 42 inch led tv. The model number is "42HXT12U". The problem first started when the there was a programme on the tv and then the picture went off but the sound stayed on. When a bright flashlight is shined on the screen the image can be seen. So first of all i took the back off...
  5. U

    5K500 HDD on a Aspire 5742ZG

    Hello, the original HDD (WD3200 BEVT)) for an Aspire 5742ZG has gone. I have a Hitachi 5K500 B-500 at home and I replace it in the laptop. BIOS can detect it. I am able to install W7 Home Edition on that drive, using acer recovery disks, as the drive is recognized and partioned. W7 will not boot...
  6. P

    Why is there a lack of reviews in the internet about Hitachi's HDDs?

    Title is pretty self-explanatory. I'd like to add that in amazon it's so difficult to understand which is the right model because there are so many versions of the 3 tb hdd, which i want, and there are almost no reviews.
  7. P

    Which hard disk hd to choose? 5400 rpm Blue WD vs 7200

    Hello, Could you please give me some advice on choosing my new hard drive? I'm choosing WD for it's reputation as a reliable hard drive manufacturer with a low doa and other failures rate. But in the last months the company merged the Blue and Green series into just one. The thing is that now...
  8. itsonlydanny

    No Video (Hitachi 32' Smart TV)

    Hi, I recently purchased a Hitachi 32' Smart TV - which is great. One problem though, when I try to stream video content from my PC (ie, 'avi' files) to the TV I only get audio - no video. By the way, i have a wired connection (ethernet cable). Any idea what is wrong? Thanks, DANNY
  9. S

    Smart TV

    I have a hitachi smart TV but no home broadband just yet what do I need to use internet on TV I.e dongle?
  10. M

    I have hp laptop with 640gb.

    I have hp laptop with 640gb. I want to replace this hard drive with 2tb or little less hard drive or even 1tb. The hard disk I now have is HITACHI HTS547564A9E384-5400 rpm Serial ATA/300 Hard Disk Model HITACHI HTS547564A9E384 Disk Family Travelstar 5K750 Form Factor 2.5" Capacity 640 GB (640 x...
  11. J

    TV Turn On & Off few times before actually Turns ON

    I have got 42in Hitachi LCD TV that recently developed this problem that when it is on standby or powered off & turn it ON with the remote, it does not turn on straight away. I see the red light goes to Yellow & then click it turns off. This circle continues for good 5-10mins before it actually...
  12. E

    Hitachi V3L004727 I think it's a cap because it turn off like power went off pop!

    Turn on stats blue fans come on for a few seconds then flashinig blue and red
  13. S

    connect a lg tv to a hitachi sound bar (no sound)

    I have a LG TV and have just bought a Hitachi sound bar I connected it up with an optical cable but cant get any sound I tried my smartphone Bluetooth you could hear it connect but still no sound through earphones.
  14. A

    Will this HDD fit my laptop?

    Hi I want to change my ASUS X55A hard drive. Will this one fit? HITACHI TRAVELSTAR 7K1000 1TB 7200RPM SATA3 32MB 3HTS721010A9E630
  15. A

    hitachi tv wont turn on keeps flashing blue on and off

    My hitachi tv wont turn on. It just keeps flashibg blue on and off
  16. J

    Cannot stream video via HDMI cable

    We are trying to stream movies from IPAD to Hitachi TV L46S603. We're purchased and installed a new modem/wifi router, and updated Hitachi software, but cannot get the picture from the ipad into the tv
  17. R

    Hitachi Audio DVI-HDTV

    I have a blueray samsung No.#bdjm57 and I have the DVI-HDTV I have that cable, but cannot get any sound, what can I do to get the sound...Thank you for your help
  18. X

    TV to stereo connection?

    How do I connect my 55" Hitachi plasma tv Model # P50H401 to my old Pioneer stereo receiver? I have optical audio output from the tv but only Dolby/PCM or RCA plug in my receiver.
  19. S

    Hitachi LEd/LCD HDTV 40 inch no sound on any stations Cable other than HD??

    how can I get sound Technicians have been here 5\6 hrs no sound on regular Tv only HD LE40S50E
  20. D

    HDMI to component, question hitachi 43 inch

    With directv's new boxes there are only HDMI outlets, I was given a Hitachi 43" HDTV but it only has components, can I buy the cable that has HDMI on 1 end & the 5 components on the other for to get HD? Any help will be nice.
  21. C

    My hitachi 42hxt12u tv won't switch on its flashing red and blue

    Been awAy now can't get tv to turn on
  22. M

    hitachi tv goes red then blue. Can't get tv on.

    Please help! I'm a mother with 5 kids who desperately needs her tv to work. The light on the tv goes red, then blue. It alternates like this for some time. Sometimes it comes on, others, it doesn't. Switching the power off doesn't help.
  23. S

    hitachi 42 inch plasma tv hdt50

    TV was working fine. Then one day we turned it on and only got sound, but no picture. Bgt new power supply board as someone suggested, but this did nothing. Any ideas on what we can do? Thx. Karen
  24. TimGS

    Sony VGN-CS21S hard disk drive

    Hello guys, I have a problem with installing a new hard disk drive on my sony vaio VGN-CS21S. The old drive had many bad sectors so I decided to replace it. old drive: Hitachi 5K320-320 HTS543232L9SA00 5400 RPM (with Windows 7 installed) new one: HGST Z5K500-500 HTS545050A7E380 5400 RPM the...
  25. B

    I only have blue and yellow color on Hitachi 50VS810

    I only have blue and yellow color on hitachi 50vs810 and have checked the settings. Any ideas on what to check next?
  26. C

    How Do I Set R-Studio Network Edition To Skip Bad Sectors On A SATA Drive

    I keep getting a reset scan message from R-Studio on my Hitachi SATA Drive I am trying to recover files a from FAT32 reformat from an original NTFS formatted drive. This is not a primary system drive.
  27. K

    I carnt turn on my dell Inspiron 1090 because it's asking me for a hitachi password which I do not have and cannot get any sug

    I recently tried to update my windows on my dell Inspiron 1090 during which time my power when toff and my laptop turned off during the update . Now it's asking me for a hitachi hard drive password to start up which I do not have , is there a master password I can use as I'm really stuck now ...
  28. G

    smart tv laptop

    how do i connect my hitachi hxt12u 42in full hd 1080p fvhd to my laptop
  29. 4

    Seagate laptop SSHD or 7k1000?

    I'm looking to upgrade my hard drive in my HP Envy m6-1115tx as it seems to cap out at 30ish MB/s. I was looking at the Seagate SSHD and the hitachi 7k1000, but I'm not sure which would be better. The SSHD has a 5400 rpm vs the 7k1000's 7200 but the sshd also has its build in 8GB ssd. What do...
  30. M

    My Gateway laptop is asking fof a hitachi passwird and i dont know what it is

    forgot password to computer and tried to reboot it but now its askung for a hitachi password and and idk what that is
  31. K

    New Hitachi refurbished hard drive won't load windows

    I am attempting to save my friends computer. It is really important the person I am doing it for did somethaing for my father who is dying of cancer and I have to fix it. It is a Toshiba satellite A305-S6916. I saved his data and bought a new hard drive, his was gone. I installed it and put in...
  32. Z

    current sector pending

    Recently I found my Hitachi HDD having a current sector pending error(RAW value of 1) in Speedfan and it displays the drive fitness as 0%. Is this scary?
  33. B

    Hard Drive Testers

    I'm looking for a good (free) hard drive tester that can test a wide variety of hard drives (not limited to one brand). I've tried Seatools and Hitachi's Drive Fitness Test, but both fail to work at all. I've tried CrystalDisk, and it said a hard drive I knew was broken was perfectly fine, so...
  34. L

    Hitachi HD1080 volume stuck

    When I turn on my Hitachi HD1080 the volume either doesn't work or is stuck on EXTREMELY high. I have unplugged it several times for up to an hour and still nothing different. The volume button usually won't turn in up or down either when this happens. Please help!
  35. H

    hard drive crash

    have a Hitachi 250 gb hard drive crashed loaded window 7 wont boot up after loading windows is the a repair for this hard drive
  36. K

    Hitachi hard drive

    I have a laptop with a bad screen. I have been trying to access the hard drive using an adapter board and a usb but it is not showing up in my computer or even device manager. Any idea how i can access it ?
  37. E

    Hitachi microdrive wont download to iphoto

    I am unable to download photos from my microdrive from my Canon EOS to Iphoto. It used to work fine. I am also able to download photos from other cameras and iphone. Iphoto indicates it is importing photos but just keeps turning/thinking.
  38. L

    Need help with Hitachi 43FDX01B

    Does this tv hae a hdmi hookup
  39. B

    Hitachi 57f510 tv

    Hello, my red tint on my tv will randomly go in an out. sometimes the picture will be normal with the red tint then it'll go away for no reason an just be a blueish color.
  40. E

    Hitachi plasma tv motherboard

    Hello, I can get pictures but no sound on my hitachi 42inch TV
  41. E

    Hitachi plasma tv motherboard

    Hello, I can get pictures but no sound on my hitachi 42inch TV
  42. G

    Have 7yr old Hitachi 51F510 and the red goes off to blue then red come on. By th

    Have 7yr old Hitachi 51F510 and the red goes off to blue then red come on. By the time I get everything adjusted back to norm the red goes off again. When red is on magic focus works good but when red is off magic focus is just green and blue and when done a green #3 and sometimes #5 shows in...
  43. P

    What is my hitachi hts543232a7a password

    My laptop goes black and when it first come on it ask for that password may u please help me fix this problem please
  44. T

    60' Hitachi

    Hello, 60" projection tv will not turn on. the led will light up and then go off. You have to unplug and plug it back in to get it to do anything
  45. O

    What to do when your acer laptop is asking for your hitachi pasword?

    i have an acer aspire laptop when i turn it on it is asking for a hitashi password. What or how do i find that out?
  46. P


  47. B

    Locked Hard Drive

    Hello, I have ACER Aspire5253 series with a locked up Hitachi HTS545050B9A HHD . Does anybody Know the backdoor password ?
  48. T

    Hitachi RPTV issues - squished picture

    Hello, Im new to tthe world of TV repair and know less on diagnosing the problems. I have a Hitachi model 61UDX10B chasis DP 15. Sometimes when the TV is turned on, there is no pic or sound but if you power off/on a time or two the pic and sound work. You could watch for hours after it...
  49. V

    Why my hd tv screen green?

    My Hitachi 61 inch HD TV shows green base color still can see the picture though m but green , why?
  50. G

    Security hdd PASSWARD FOR HITACHI HTS54502589A

    Please ! Help me in knowing in put password for Hitachi HTS54502589A,thanks in advance.
  51. T

    Software for reset pasword Hitachi

  52. R

    Hitachi hdtv troubleshooting

    model 50vs69a picture no sound
  53. R

    Horizontal line 3/4 down on Hitachi hd 1080

    Hello, Horizontal line just showed up on plasma Hitachi hd 1080. What does this indicate? Thank you
  54. B

    Hitachi reset procedure

    my son created a logon password for this Gateway W650i Laptop; password reset disk no longer known to exist and now I am locked out of it. it has Vista Home Premium on it. I am able to get into the BIOS with F2. is there a DMA or Mode setting that will allow me to restore it to factory...
  55. W

    Free backdoor password for hitachi drives

  56. B

    Hitachi 43fdx01b help

    Hello, I recently bought a hitachi 43fdx01b. When went to search for channels, the TV didn' recognize any HD channels. I have cable, and I connected it to the TV on antennae A. I also a Vizio HDTV downstairs that has HD channels on it. Why can't I get HD channels on my hitachi? How can I get...
  57. A

    Hitachi tv 55 will turn on but no pic or sound

    we have an hitachi 55" plasma tv power turns omn but no sound or picture to you have a trouble shoot or reset
  58. C

    Dvd's played on pc

    Hello,can the discs from my hitachi dz-mv780a camera be used in my computer to view the recorded movies
  59. D

    Can the hitachi 5K250-80 hdd be replaced with samsung hm500ji

    Hello, as above tho i have to know before the operating system reboots