connect a lg tv to a hitachi sound bar (no sound)

sue clifton

Jul 5, 2015
I have a LG TV and have just bought a Hitachi sound bar I connected it up with an optical cable but cant get any sound I tried my smartphone Bluetooth you could hear it connect but still no sound through earphones.


Mar 17, 2006
Taking pictures and posting it here would help us troubleshoot your system easier, however we'll try to do it without.

If your absolutely sure you have connected optical connection then all you need to do is change the setting on your TV to output digital signal. Note that the optical signal should come OUT of the TV and not IN, so check your cabling thoroughly.

Make sure you check your sound-bar setting to receive digital signal through toslink or optical connection.
Did you mean that you got no sound when connecting your phone to the soundbar with bluetooth? No sound through either connection means the soundbar is bad.
If you did get sound from your phone try changing the audio output type in the LG audio menu as rexter suggests. It might be incompatible with the soundbar in its current setting.
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