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    Dv passthrough cameras by Hitachi

    Hello, Hitachi DZ-GX3300A does this camera support dv passthrough ? I connected this camera directly to a vcr to record vhs tape and it came out black and white instead of colour ? Help!!!
  2. T

    Hitachi dvd driver xp for G5000

    I need a driver for hitachi dvd-rom drive g5000 winxp
  3. K

    Hitachi 46F500

    Hello,I have this model TV it does nothing except a red light goes on on power button when pressed to "ON" position, there are some green & red Diodes one flashes, that's all
  4. J

    Digital camera repair forum

    Hello, I recently had cause to remove the sd memory card from my hitachi digital camera, when I put it back in the camera a card error message appeared on the screen. I bought another card and put it in and the same message came on screen??
  5. J

    Free backdoor password for hitachi drives

    I have a new ACER aspire 5336 and I unlock the BIOS and the Hatachi hard drive has a password, need a backdoor password to unlock the Hitachi HT5545025B9A. Thank You.
  6. exfileme

    Hitachi Touchscreen Allows Use of Gloves, Pens

    Now touch screens can be used wearing gloves and other insulating objects. Hitachi Touchscreen Allows Use of Gloves, Pens : Read more
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    Hard Drive Locked?

    my hitachi hard drive is locked with a password
  8. G

    No sound hdmi

    Hello, i have a hitachi plasma tv trying to hook up hdmi from tv to cable box no sound help
  9. G

    Recent firmware for hitachi dvd

    Hello,l am searching for a Hitachi HL-DT DVDRRW GSA-H30L S755 recent firmware and drivers for Windows XP Professional impossible to find PLEASE HELP ! Thank you !
  10. S

    Hitach 43FDX01B TV Blank after Thunderstorm

    Hello, My Hitachi 43FDX01B went blank after a thunderstorm. Usually I unplug for a minute or so and it comes back. But not this time. I opened the back to see if there were any obvious burned out boards. Didn't find any. Found a fuse on the power supply board. It was OK. That's extent of my...
  11. W

    Vertical black lines in my!

    Hi. I have a 42" EDTV Hitachi plasma. I have 2 vertical black lines up through the center of my screen about 3' apart. I have taken the tv apart a couple of times to see if I could find the bad driver board, but I cant tell which one it is. Can anybody tell me which board it is so I can...
  12. D

    Hitachi hdtv troubleshooting

    I have a flashing yellow light on the power on. No red stand by on green ready light, just yellow. I have no option for this in the manual. Do I need a repair or is something wrong with the wiring configuation to the Projector?
  13. G

    Solved! Hitachi dvd driver for model #DK23EA-30

    Hi, I am trying tofinnd a driver fir the dvd/cd drive in my dell inspiron computer. Can anyone help? Thanks Tim @
  14. G


    Hello, My little old laptop can't keep up with the new programs so I am retiring it to a storage disk. I thought I should use the Windows XP disk to start up the format procedure but it doesn't give me that option, just wants to re-install windows. Any ideas ? Thanks for your thoughts.
  15. M

    Acer Notebook 4720Z

    reformatted Hitachi GB Acer Recovery disk produces Error: Recovery32 X Type Mismatch
  16. G

    Hitachi dvd cam software download

    i have purhased Hitachi DVD CAM DZ-MV580E,unfortunately lost CD came along with it
  17. T

    Laptop LCD image is streched and deformed

    Happy Holidays everyone! I have a very strange problem on my hands, I replaced the LG Philips LCD on an nc8000 (HP) laptop. I used the only other 15" inch LCD I had on hand, a Hitachi LCD from a Dell Inspiron 8100. The only difference is the Hitachi/Dell screen uses a non-standard inverter...
  18. Y

    Hitachi hard drive password removal?

    I upgraded the hard drives on my laptop and later sold it. the drives I took out of it were hooked up into another computer and now ask for a password. I never set any password for them when they were in the computer. Dell said that they sometimes get set up during installation of certain media...
  19. G

    Hitachi Admits to LCD Price Fixing; Screws Buyers

    Hitachi has admitted to LCD price fixing and will pay $31 million in fines. Hitachi Admits to LCD Price Fixing; Screws Buyers : Read more
  20. V

    Hitachi 46F500 problem

    TV turns on, no picture or sound. Also get a rapid ticking noise from the back, kinda like a time bomb. Repair shop gave me a rough price on repair 350-450 to fix. Hope to get a better idea then that. I plan to upgrade to a Samsung 50 inch DLP 1080P anyways. Wanted to know if I should pitch...
  21. G

    Hitachi Kicks Out Triple Media Blu-ray Camcorder

    Hitachi unveiled a new three format "hybrid" Blu-ray Disc camcorder which will let you record onto BD media. Hitachi Kicks Out Triple Media Blu-ray Camcorder : Read more
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    Hitachi Ships Out Super-thin 1.5" Plasma HDTVs

    Chila Vista (CA) - Hitachi today announced that its "1. Hitachi Ships Out Super-thin 1.5" Plasma HDTVs : Read more
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    Hitachi 42HDS69 as a Gaming TV

    Okay, I think that this issue has been beat to death but I am really in need of some knowledge. I am going to buy the Hitachi 1024X1080i Plasma HDTV 3 HDMI inputs which I will use with DVI out My question is: Will this TV display computer games coming out of a top of the line PC with...
  24. G

    7200 RPM Hitachi TravelStar shortage?

    Archived from groups: comp.sys.laptops (More info?) Anyone know why 7,200 RPM Hitachi TravelStar hard drives are so hard to come by these days? NewEgg had them briefly a month or so ago, raising the price for the 60 gig from about $150 to almost $200. They're not available many other places on...
  25. G


    Archived from groups: (More info?) Any comments on Hitachi's new line of RP's due to come out soon? A newbie, I am, so can someone explain some of these upgrades from the VS810's? What is LCoS? Should I wait for the new line? Will Hitachi address the blotch issue and glare...
  26. G

    Hitachi Ultavision protective screen removal.

    Archived from groups: (More info?) My 82yo next door neighbor just purchased an Hitachi Ultravision HD set (can't remember size but it's in the mid 50"s) and the protective screen is extremely reflective and not working out well for her. It appears that I can remove 8 or 10...
  27. S

    Hitachi DK23CA-20

    Archived from groups: comp.sys.laptops (More info?) Subject is a Sony Vaio F160. Upgraded from the original 4GB Fujitsu disk to a 20GB Hitachi DK23CA. Everything appears to work fine *except* the disk access (activity) light is constantly on. So, took out the DK23CA to check connectors and...
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    Compact flash speeds...

    Archived from groups: (More info?) I have a Nikon D70 and want to get a bigger card for it. I'm wondering wheter to get a MicroDrive from Hitachi or a solid state card. Genrally speaking, which is faster?? The Hitachi is 7MBsec constant but there are solid state cards that...
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    For Sale 61" Hitachi Wide Screen TV, Or Trade For Car Truc..

    Archived from groups: alt.dbs.echostar.hack,alt.dss.echostar,,, (More info?) For Sale Or Trade For Car, Truck, SUV Or Motor Cycle a well taken Care Of Low CRT Time, Hitachi 61" WideScreen T.V. Tv is about 2 years old but...
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    Fujitsu Exits PDP business

    Archived from groups: (More info?) Take a look: <;jsessionid=YN4PSJSCWDJTWQSNDBGCKHSCJUMEKJVN?articleID=59300415> "Fujitsu expects an operating loss of about ¥12 billion (about $116 million) in its display business for the...
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    Hitachi 51S715 HDTV

    Archived from groups: (More info?) Decided to purchase a HDTV and was considering the Hitachi 51 or 57S715 models. Does anyone have any Pros or Cons on these sets. Appreciate any inputs. Thanks, Harry
  32. G

    sony PCG-K25 and Hitachi 7K60 HD

    Archived from groups: comp.sys.laptops (More info?) I put one of these 7200 RPM Hitachi disks in my K25 and it's a little faster than the 4200 RPM Hitachi 60Gig that was already in, but it vibrates way too much, so that when the machine is running I can feel the vibration on the palmrest...
  33. D

    How to boot Hitachi laptop without an OS

    Archived from groups: comp.sys.laptops (More info?) I have a an old Hitachi laptop that my brother formatted only to discover that one can not (apparently, although it seems hard to believe) boot it from a cd. We have the CD in it but no floppy. What can we do? I have CD copies of WIN 98 and XP...
  34. G

    hitachi 2001 model service menu settings for 53udx10b

    Archived from groups: (More info?) I had an isf tech calibrate my set a year ago, and i just bought a new dvd player, i noticed in progressive i was getting vertical lines, after a few tests i decided to reset my configuration back to defaults and tottally forgot about the...
  35. S

    Anamorphic DVDs on Hitachi

    Archived from groups: (More info?) What screen aspect do I use on a Hitachi 51S715 when watching Anamorphic (enhanced widescreen) DVDs? I am assuming I need to use "16:9 Standard" aspect setting when watching widescreen Non-Anamorphic material. Hitachi aspects: 4:3 Standard...
  36. R

    Hitachi 43FDX horizontal picture placement

    Archived from groups: (More info?) I have successfully set up my Convergence using the multi grid pattern. The problem is that the whole picture is aligned too much to the right side of the screen. When I run a Video test pattern, the right side of the picture is cut off about...
  37. G

    IBM T41 hard drive noise (Hitachi Travelstar 40GNX)

    Archived from groups: ibm.ibmpc.thinkpad,comp.sys.laptops (More info?) My T41 has a Hitachi Travelstar 40GNX (IC25N040ATCS05) hard drive. Otherwise I'm very happy with the laptop but the hard drive is making too much noise for my taste especially during heavy load. Unfortunately it also makes...
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    720P 0r 1080i for my Hitachi 61swx12b

    Archived from groups: (More info?) Hi guys, I'm installing my 921 today and I wanted to ask how I should set it up. I have an hitachi 61swx12b TV. I see 1080i or 720P for wide screen viewing.. I believe I heard that 720P is better than 1080i.
  39. G

    looking at hitachi 51f510... any suggestions on any better..

    Archived from groups: (More info?) Been out looking for a few weeks at hdtv's and this one for the money and class looks to be the best tv I have seen. But being kinda new to the scene looking for suggestions or downfalls before I go out and purchase it. I've looked at the...
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    hitachi hdd S/N???

    Archived from groups: comp.sys.laptops (More info?) Could You help me with getting a S/N for my Hitachi Hard Disk Drive? I have checked the front and backside of the hdd and I can't find it. Hdd model: DK23BA-20 there are few 8pin numbers but these are not S/N (These number is necessary to make...
  41. G

    Hitachi 46F500 vs 51F500

    Archived from groups: (More info?) Hi, I saw in Future Shop the Hitachi 51F500 and compare the zooms to 51" toshiba and Sony. I found the Hitachi zoom work very close to Toshiba zoom when I look 4:3 picture (4:3 enchanced on toshiba and theater wide 2 on toshiba if I...
  42. G

    HDTV: Buy the extended warranty?

    Archived from groups: (More info?) I'm looking at getting the Hitachi 51S500 and wondering what people's advice concerning extended warranties were wrt rear projectin hdtvs. i've bought several CRT tube tvs and never once bought an extended warranty and never once had a...
  43. G

    Hitachi 65S700

    Archived from groups: (More info?) Does anyone know if this displays at 1080p for 1080i material? It seems to say so in the description, but then in the manual mentions 1080i or 520p viewing...maybe they forgot to make the change to the manual? Would this be better than the...