Question my laptop bought November melted around 1 inch to left of camera. Currys said overheating and took app called Spools off. Only being offered a repair

Dec 19, 2022
My laptop melted about one inch left from camera at screen edge. Curry's assistant confirmed the laptop was overheating due to an app named Spools and removed this. They claim that the frame at top of screen could not melt and I did not melt it. No replacement or refund was given and when I asked to see my customer rights I was told to see back of receipt. Once repaired by Curry's, Acer want to take the laptop into theirnown repair centre. I hate the give us your money and the attitude. It is hard to live without tech but so much goes wrong it is hard to live with also. Half of this message was gone so I have had to edit and resend.
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