My laptop goes shut down after some time after unplugging of charger.


Oct 3, 2016
I installed new update of windows(Anniversity Update) 1 month back and after that somewhat my laptop's performance goes down and now 2-3 days back I have issue of shut down of laptop. After unplugging the charger after some time about 20-25 minutes my laptop shut down like complete power cut and then screen is blank. And it won't start again until I plug in the charger.

Description of Laptop
HP Pavilion abo32tx
8GB ram , 1 TB hard disk, windows 10


Err, how much time? ALL laptops shut down after some time after the charger is unplugged. The batteries run out.

Do you mean that it powers down all the way? Or just that the screen goes blank? That could be as simple as a power scheme setting, since Windows has power options to turn off the display after some time of no activity when on battery. Does this happen if you are actively using the machine, or only if you leave it untouched?

If you try the keyboard IMMEDIATELY after it goes into this state, does it wake up again?

We need a bit more detail about what actually happens and in how much time. Thanks.


Oct 3, 2016

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