my laptop showing blue screen some time black screen and showing to much load without anything using


Apr 9, 2016
i have toshiba laptop i got a big problem i dont understand what is the problem my laptop showing to much load without anything running if i open google chrome use facebook then i got blue screen some time screen black some time screen freez please help me

Here are some troubleshooting steps that may help.
- First is to do a virus/malware scan just to make sure it's not infected. Please use the link below for the complete guide and tools.
- If the same problem will persist after doing the virus/malware clean up, do test the hardware components of the laptop. (HDD and RAM).
- Here's how to test the HDD:
- Here's a software you can use to test the RAM's:
- If both test will past, your last option would be to reinstall Windows.

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