Solved! My laptop was stuck on my lock screen! HELP

May 24, 2018
Hi! Im using mg Asus X455L laptop, and suddenly my lock screen was frozen. Im using my laptop normally yesterday and after doing my stuffs im about to turn it off but accidentaly i pressed restart, it restart fine but then it leave me to the lock screen. I cant swipe up or press space for me to acces the login/password. My mouse trackpad and keypad is not working too, but my clock is still working and i notice the two icons on my right hand side is still working too(wifi&battery).

I also tried to long press the power button for several times but still its not working. Also the shift+power button but then it is still not working

I dont know if my laptop was updated, but i rember that my laptop always say that i need to restart in order the update to be completed. BUT STILL I DONT KNOW IF THIS IS A CAUSE OF THIS OR IF IT HAS TO DO WITH THIS, BUT IM STATING THE FACT :/

I dont have such knowledge about this, hoping for some help. Some other help

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