My laptop won't connect to my home network while other devices will. Is this a Windows 10 issue or laptop?

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Nov 27, 2018
I have a Lenovo Thinkpad E485 that is only 5 months old. Luckily, it's in warranty but it has come with a myriad of issues and has been the most frustrating laptop experience to date dealing with them.

Lately, it's had issues connecting to my home Wifi. I don't use Wifi outside my house much, but on the occasional time I do, it does NOT have this issue.

Basically, it has trouble connecting frequently and loses connection. I have to frequently reconnect to my network, as it just loses connection. Now, it's not connecting at all. All other devices such as phones and laptops are able to connect. When I click "Connect," the Wifi symbol has a little red square with a box and then it tells me "can't connect to this network."

I've been going on forums and trying their solutions, but none seem to work. I have done the obvious of resetting the router/modem and unplugging, restarting my computer (which sometimes allows it to connect, but less frequently), done a network reset on Windows 10. But it still can't connect. My Wifi connection at home is quite good as well. And considering it works on all other devices, I can't figure out why it's poor on this one.

Is this a Lenovo device problem or Windows 10? It's still under warranty, so I'm wondering if I can have them repair, but I've already had to send it back for 10 days to fix another issue and it spent 7 days in a Windows store on another, so I'm just not eager to have to do this again, feels like my laptop is just a waste of $750.

Any help appreciated.
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