My Laptop's screen is failing, what should I do?

Jul 28, 2015
I am worred that when I take it to bestbuy, which is the only place I can take it, geeksquad will just send it back to the manufacturer for a month. I take online college classes and am also a writer and have three books due soon, so I have to have a laptop. Is there anything better I can do?

So I've had this computer for four months, it is laptop number 5 that has failed since May. I've had three Lenovos, and a terrible Dell that lasted a week. Now I have a Asus, and it is failing in its own way by the screen turning green and showing images from previous screens. I know it has to be replaced, but I am worried about what will happen. I need a laptop and won't be able to deal with it being "serviced' for four weeks, which is what geek squad normally says at best buy. I have to go to best buy because of the warranty though. I am also worried because this is not the laptop I paid for, but one given to me by mistake. I never even realized BestBuy had made a mistake until a month ago. The laptop was supposed to have a 940m geforce graphics card but only has a 840m. So I paid $1,000 but received a computer only worth $800. So will they even fix my computer considering it is not the one the warranty is technology on? It is their fault that I have this computer anyway. I


Nov 4, 2015
I'm an OA at Fleece Squad and you're right, you'd be looking at around a 2-4 week turnaround if it's (and it will be ) going to the service center. In terms of the wrong computer, I wouldn't worry about that. So long as they entered (which they should have) the SN on the box when you bought it, you should be fine. What the UPC is doesn't concern us. We don't look too deeply at stuff that obviously needs to be sent to the service center and usually just do a quick visual check to make sure the Asus is a Asus.

The problem could be a simple loose cable, hardware failure, etc. If you do end up taking in to BB and they give you the run-around, just throw a fit. If it'll make you happy and get you out of the store then we practically always do manager overrides.