My Lenovo Laptop won't open unless it's charger is plugged in! HELP!


Jan 9, 2016
My Lenovo Laptop, it is only 3 months old. Last night I shut down my laptop and charged it then after 3 hours I unplugged it and didn't use it for a while because I have chores to do. Then when I was about to use it, I cannot turn it on. Whenever I click the power button, the charging icon (the one's that is blinking) is color red. Then I tried to plug in the charger and it opened. The battery is in 100%. whenever I unplug the charger it automatically shuts down (the screen goes black) Please, help! I need my laptop for my presentation. I cannot remove my battery because its not removable, it needs certain tools. Thank you in advance, to whoever answers this.

It seems like a hardware problem to me where the battery meets the motherboard. As part of the troubleshooting steps you may need to open your laptop and reseat the cable that connects the battery into the motherboard. But do start by doing hard reset, unplug the AC adapter then press and hold the power button for 20 seconds then see if it will boot up. If all these will not work do contact Lenovo support for a repair.


Mar 17, 2017

Thank you. The hard reset worked for me, without having to do anything more to my Lenovo's T450 battery, which by the way other than that worked just fine, before. Now I can turn on the laptop without having to plug the AC adapter.

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