My lenovo's battery & screen problems


Jun 2, 2015
Hello guys, I have a little problem.

I've been getting 3 hours ( +- 30 minutes, depends on the power settings) on my flex 2 14, lenovo says that It can last to 6 hours. I've searched trought the internet and found no solutions. I've installed lenovo's battery managment sotfware but that didn't do crap at all. I've also installed battery pro bar wich reads all power related infos out of my system. As the time I read this it says that on the average the laptop comsumes 7-12 watts wich is too much for that little 40WH battery. I've also disabled my screen so I can see much does that add up, it consumed around 7-9 watts. I've installed the latest drivers from intel, lenovo and nvidia, updated the bios and even fully charged up the battery from nothing. It didn't made a change.

And I see yellowish glow in the corners on my screen and a white spot. Is that normal? Will it go away? I'm worried guys, this looked like such a nice little piece of master work, good battery, -screen, -gpu, -price and it turned out to be a hot and slow brick that cost me $800.

It's just 3 months old so I guess I could take it back to repair it but I don't wanna do it because I need to use this for work/school and that's why I also require that +3 hours.
So guys if you have the slightest idea of that origin of the problem, please tell me

Thanks in advance

Speccy at the time of writing
Genuine Windows 8 with latest software upgrades as mentoned before
P.S.: English not my primary language so please don't go rough on me :(


Laptop estimates for "upto" battery life are usually on the lowest CPU speed settings, lowest screen dimming settings, no wifi, least usage. In reality, real world usage is different. Wifi/usb/bluetooth all use power.


Jun 2, 2015

You're one heck of a funny guy. I like you, but seriously, I'm using at the lowest power consumable way as possible by using Windows 8.1.
It should reach 5 hours while surfing on Wi-Fi ( source )
Please help, guys. It
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