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  1. Helpthiscat

    Question Hi! How can I fix my laptop lenovo G40-70. I wont start and charge and the LED light is not blinking.

    It was fine the other day but yesterday it was lowbatt so I charged it but it wont charge until it drained. I cannot turn it on. The charger was fine like no damage in wires. PLEASE HELP ME.
  2. A

    Solved! [Sanyo (Funai) FW50C36F 50" LED] Looking for help with a unique problem!

    I should start by saying that this is my first time trying to repair my own electronic device but I have all relevant tools and am wanting to learn. Money is tight right now but time is abundant. I have already been in contact with Sanyo's repair line and, needless to say, they weren't any help...
  3. T

    Question TV reboots continuously with only Tv Logo

    My Samsung TV just reboots continuously with Samsung Logo. I tested my remote and it's fine. TV switched on and off with remote so i don't suspect it's a power board issue. I check with another working main board and it still has same issue. What could be the other reasons?? TV Model :-...
  4. Ilikestuffandthings

    Question Part number of LED bead used in Sony KDL-75W850?

    I’m looking for the type of LED used in the KDL-75W850. I get the 6 blinking red light code and I did find ONE dead LED (out of 200). I don’t really want to buy a used strip on eBay, so I would like to know if anyone knows the size/model number of LED bead that is commonly used in this TV (eg...
  5. T

    Solved! Has Power and Audio, but image is very faded.

    Got a LG 55LM4600 for $50. The unit powers up with the LG logo (no flickering or issues). After the logo appears, the screen goes to almost black; however, you can make out images but they are very faint. The audio works fine. I’ve noticed that once the backlights are on during the LG logo...
  6. Hypogeum

    Question Lg 42lb5600 Cant tell if power supply is bad or if i need new LED strip

    For a while the screen has been kind of going dimmer in the top left corner. It will flash between dim and lit. The tv has no picture anymore. The sound works. Ive tested the led line going from the board to the led strips (i assume thats where it goes) it reads 0 voltage. The ocassional times...
  7. P

    Solved! Philips TV sound no picture

    Trying to diagnose an issue with my Philips Ambilight TV (50PFT6510) that has recently decided not to display anything at all but I can hear sound and see the ambilights change etc.I have tried both HDMI ports and the antenna input from a few different sources (Laptop, Virgin media Tivo box...
  8. J

    Solved! is it possible to replace a 1366 x 768 15.6" display with 1920 x 1080 15.6" display

    I have an Acer Aspire E5-575-56T8 Notebook 15.6 inch with 1366 x 768 HD display, 30 pin video connector,LED Backlight Technology. Is it possible to replace with 1920 x 1080 screen resolution display ?? Also is it possible to replace with other brands displays (like , Dell, HP, Asus) having...
  9. M

    LCD Backlight Not Powered (Dell Inspiron 7559)

    My Dell 7559 no longer powers up the screen backlight. I tried two different LCD LED screens and both have the same issue (If I shine a light at the screen I can see some text) The problem started a few days ago. The screen became a lot darker, then a bit later it became pitch black. I'm not...
  10. A

    Solved! terris led tv 2441

    My tv turn's on tv lights up (black light) nothing comes on and immediatly shuts down.Whats the problem? What can i do to fix it ?thank you.
  11. T

    Alexa what do I need ?

    Hey Folks, I'm thinking about using Alexa for some home automation. Primarily I'd like to control the LED lights that are scattered through out the place, as well as have it play music from spotify. The question is. I have a samsung K430 soundbar w/woofer already. It does have BT...
  12. O

    Latitude 3350 no video on startup, D+on does show colours

    my laptop stopped showing video, called dell a technician came and said we cant fix it, because i used other non dell screws, which he said i had inserted "construction screws" which was not true and he wont repair it, i took out battery yes, i put it back in yes i plugged in charger yes i...
  13. A

    Refurbished TCL 55 P605 Backlight Issue

    Hi, I recently bought a refurbished TCL 55 P605. I installed it yesterday, and today I noticed a dark vertical band on the screen (see pics in link). I hadn't noticed it yesterday and a quick factory reset fixed the issue. The TV has a limited 90 day warranty and I was wondering if this is a...
  14. J

    LED TV flashing

    I have a Toshiba 50L2400U LED. Once it warms up, the screen intermittently turns off and back on. It doesn't matter which input I use. I tried unplugging the cable from the main board to the display - the backlights still blink. Using a multimeter, I checked the pins on the connector going from...
  15. T

    Acer Aspire E15

    Hi! I bought an Acer aspire E15 laptop and I saw some Acer gaming laptop (F15 i think, not sure) and the gaming laptop's keyboard looks very similar to my keyboard and I would like to replace it because the one from the gaming laptop is iluminated (white) , my question îs: Can I change my...
  16. C

    Solved! Replacement reflective diffuser for backlit Led TV

    Hi guys, I'm trying to repair a Panasonic 42" TV and have diagnosed some failed led strips which I have ordered. The white plastic reflective diffuser sheet with holes that's covers the backlit led strips and chassis has been damaged. I'm trying to find a replacement or suitable material that...
  17. V

    Turn on backlights GP-series MSI Laptop

    How do I turn on the lights in my keyboard on my MSI GP72 2QD Leopard? I can't find it in my settings, nor in the Dragon Gaming Centre.
  18. S

    my webcam camera is too light

    my webcam on my Asus is too light diffused and I can not figure out how to make it where it is clear
  19. A

    Laptop for programming use

    I am looking to buy a laptop for general programming use. I will not be playing video games, and no CAD, just general browsing and programming. My programming is mostly in labview, python, java, C, ROS, and some open cv. Price: Ideally around $700 Display Resolution: 1080p CPU: i5-i7...
  20. M

    IPS Glow, acer predator laptop

    Can you please let me know if this ips glow and backlight bleed are acceptable , the laptop is new and I can rma if needed https://imgur.com/gallery/sRZUC Acer predator g793 Thanks
  21. S

    Acer spin 3 lighted keyboard not working

    Fn F9 does not turn the backlight on the keyboard.
  22. V

    Laptop doesn't turn on after changing the screen backlight

    My old laptop Fujitsu Amilo Li3710 doesn't turn on after I changed the screen backlight. The fan doesn't start and the power LED is off. The battery indicator is blinking which means the battery is charging and there is electricity going to the laptop. Any ideas what might be the problem?
  23. L

    Laptop screen goes black after inactivity (backlight still on). Won't wake up.

    I just got the Gigabyte P35x and am observing this problem happen constantly and is very reproducible. After some time of inactivity, (>2 hours) the screen goes black, backlight still on. After it goes in that state I can't wake it up, the only thing I can do is force close it and then start it...
  24. D

    Backlight wont turn on

    I have bought a ASUS ROG G752VT today and the backlight doesnt seem to work even tough there are buttons for it (fn+ f3 and fn+f4) when i do this it opens up my google chrome anyone can help me?
  25. V

    LG 43LH541V - issue with brightness

    Hello, A month ago I had an issue with my LG 43LH541V LED TV. It wouldn't turn on, so I sent it to be repaired to an official LG repair shop, where they told me mainboard needed to be replaced. I got it back a month later (!!), and the picture is a mess. See below the difference between the TV...
  26. D

    How do I change single key color? MSI Steelseries Engine 3 or Dragon Center

    I am trying to figure out how to change the led color of just the a,d,w, and x keys to make them stand out using Steelseries Engine 3 or MSI Dragon Center. Does anyone know how to do this? Thank you
  27. S

    Lenovo Backlight not working (Boots normally, external monitor doesn't work)

    Hi Everyone, My Lenovo B590 was working fine yesterday when I had an external monitor connected as an extended display with my laptop screen. However today upon booting, I found the back-light doesn't work and it could not boot and launched immediately into an endless startup repair cycle. I...
  28. mprospero

    Philips Hue Lights: A Guide to What Each Does (and Costs)

    Philips makes a wide number of smart LED lights that offer a mix of colors and lighting effects that you can control remotely. Here’s a guide. Philips Hue Lights: A Guide to What Each Does (and Costs) : Read more
  29. G

    Lenovo G710 - Problem with LCD? Pink/green flickering

    Hello, I was hoping somebody could help me diagnose what I suspect may be an LCD problem. I have had my Lenovo G710 for around two and a half years now, and in terms of speed, reliability etc. it has worked perfectly, in part due to me upgrading the RAM and HDD to an SSD around a year ago...
  30. S

    Sony Vaio Pro 13 Backlight problem

    During the last few weeks, the backlight only comes on when the laptop screen is opened to the maximum extent. Does anyone know if the Sony Vaio Pro 13 is fitted with a switch that controls the backlight? Thank you
  31. A

    Samsung Series 7 NP700Z7C LCD Screen Not Backlit (Do I need Screen Replacement?)

    The LCD on my laptop went dark a few days ago and upon investigation I determined that there was still an image being projected on the screen, but there was absolutely no backlighting. There appears to be nothing else wrong with the laptop, as it works perfectly fine when connected to an...
  32. BlazeMike

    Keyboard Backlight Stopped working Dell Inspiron 7000 13

    Hey all! My keyboard backlight was working fine but then one day it just stopped. I've pushed f10 and fn + f10 doesn't give any feedback I've gone to the Windows mobility center and made sure things are fine there but still no feedback. But the CAPS LOCK Light and back light works Apart...
  33. D

    how to repair led on HP pavilion notebook

    I have the screen off but I can't find the Led light. I know it's a LED by the manual
  34. B

    MacBook screen darkness/shadow on left side

    Macbook late 2009 13" It's been over heating more than usual, particularly on the left, in the general area of the S key. Finally I took the back off and and vacuum cleaned it and that seems to have stopped it overheating. Must have been a build up of dust/fluff under that board. I can't...
  35. R

    Asus N550JK screen problems

    I have an Asus N550JK. One day, the screen just stopped working. Everything else on the laptop comes on, except the screen. It remains pitch black, no glow or anything. I tried reconnecting the LCD cable, taking out the battery and discharging the static in the laptop. I even tried replacing...
  36. L

    Sony vgn-aw21z Backlight fuse help (mbx-194_m781_mp rev 1.1)

    Hello. I have a sony vgn-aw21z. Everythink works perfect but i have no backlight on screen. I can see everything but dark. I decide to disasembly and find the fuse but i can't. All fuses i found had 0 resist... Can you help me? There are some pictures: http://postimg.org/gallery/e6n4yh36/
  37. J

    Black Screen on my fujitsu LIFEBOOK AH531

    hello, here are the specs Windows Edition: Windows 10 Pro System: Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i3-2350M CPU @ 2.30GHz System type: 64-bit Operating System, x64-based processor Here is my issue! Yesterday night my battery was at 50% when I plugged it in, I notice that the...
  38. R

    My laptop wont turn on

    My laptop just wont turn on. :(( This is what happened a few days a go. I was watching a movie in my laptop and suddenly it went blank. Then i realized that i can still see the movie but it was so dim. I tried pressing and holding the power button to shut it down but it was no use. So i left it...
  39. F

    [LED Display Issue] Backlight on with no image

    Hello, I am trying to replace my laptop led screen with a brand new one HB140WX1-100 (the old one is cracked), but when i turn it on it doesn't show any image (not even the bios logo) but the backlight is functioning properly. When i turn the laptop on with the new led screen, the backlight...
  40. B

    Toshiba L875D-S7232 Backlight cuts out

    I am trying to fix my Wife's Toshiba L875D-S7232 backlight issue. I seems fine during startup, then it looks like it goes into hibernation but backlight doesn't come back up until I partition recovered. Then it did the same thing again after all the updates. I have been using VGA external to see...
  41. S

    Burnt component on Motherboard

    I've had an issue with my laptop for the last few weeks. I own an Asus g550jk (extremely similar to the n550jv). It started with one of the hinges snapping off the top panel. After fixing it, I turned it on and for the first 5 minutes or so everything seemed alright. Then the screen started...
  42. B

    Weird transparent frame (burn-in?) + Flashlighting on LED TV

    Just got a used LCD from an auction on eBay. The seller didn't find any issues with it. I must admit that I'm relatively new to the flat panel game, so I didn't notice anything wrong with it until several hours of viewing had passed. What struck me first was a transparent frame around the edges...
  43. Rainy_jour

    How can I reconnect the lighting-provider wire to the body of back-lit keyboard in Lenovo flex 2?

    As you know there is a wire between laptop's motherboard and its keyboard for lighting. one end is properly connected to motherboard but the other one is not connected to keyboard body. In fact, I don't know "where" it must be connected. On keyboard body only there is a black area for that...
  44. V

    Asus R501vm Backlit keyboard

    Hi Toms Hardware community, I have an Asus R501vm laptop and some of the laptops keys died out on me, ive tried multiple methods that ive read online and none have worked so far. So im deciding that its best to go with another keyboard. The current keyboard I have right now is a back lit...
  45. B

    Possible to replace the power button with a mechanical switch?

    I'm not quite sure if I plan to do this yet, but I think it would be pretty cool if you could use a mechanical switch as a power button for a desktop. I'm wondering if it's possible to solder the leads on the bottom of a switch and the motherboard connectors together to act as a power button...
  46. S

    Is this backlight bleeding acceptable

    Is this backlight bleeding for a new laptop (HP envy 13t d000, worth $900) acceptable: http://imgur.com/a/WV9C2 Since this laptop is new, I can exchange it. But I wanted to ask if this is good. Thanks for any help. Regards.
  47. C

    Razer Blade 14 Screen Logo Brightness

    Hi. I just bought a Razer Blade 14 2014. Everything is working great, except that the Illuminated Razer logo on the back of the screen is not very bright. The light is on, but very dim, it is nowhere near the brightness that you see in pictures, or even on my friends blade. I am wondering...
  48. Reyero

    Which of these laptops would be best for a programming student?

    laptop: Asus (X302LA FN037H) PHP 25990.00 SPECIFICATIONS: --------------------------- Intel® Core™ i3 Processor 5010u Broadwell (15W, 2-Core, 64-bit, 2.1Ghz, 3Mb L3) Genuine Windows 8.1 13.3\" LED Backlight HD Gloss (1366x768) 4gb DDR3L 1600Mhz Memory 500gb sata Hard Disk Drive nVidia® GF 920M...
  49. M

    FHD laptop causing nausea, headache

    I have a new Dell Latitude 5550, FHD. Causes headache and nausea within 20 minutes of use. Trying to problem-solve. Has anyone heard of these issues?
  50. H

    Lenovo T420 backlight/fuse problem

    Hi guys, is here someone, who can advise me where exactly is a fuse on motherboard responsible for display backlight? I got one Lenovo T420 with black screen. When i plug external monitor, it works ok. when i shine on the display i recognize very dark desktop when laptop is running, so it has...
  51. D

    My lenovo's battery & screen problems

    Hello guys, I have a little problem. I've been getting 3 hours ( +- 30 minutes, depends on the power settings) on my flex 2 14, lenovo says that It can last to 6 hours. I've searched trought the internet and found no solutions. I've installed lenovo's battery managment sotfware but that didn't...
  52. F

    LED backlit keyboard notebook upgrade

    i have the MSI GE60 2PL APACHE notebook and it is a non LED backlit keyboard, is it possible for me to install a LED backlit one, please help me if you know the answer. thank you
  53. Y

    Dell XPS m1530 laptop backlight failing

    - I turn on the computer, then hear a clicking/electrical noise, then the backlight goes out. I can still see a faint image of the screen when I shine a light on it, and using this technique I am still able to use the computer. Anyone have a fix?
  54. A

    Looking for gaming/school laptop for $800 or less

    Would like a laptop on which I could play AAA games without any "hiccups", do moderate video and photo editing, and use for school, all for under $800. Minimum Specifications: - At least 8 gb ram - Quad core processor (Intel i7, AMD A8 or A10) - 14" or 15.6", preferably 15.6 inches. -...
  55. H

    When i turn on my laptop screen stays black only power light is on

    i have toshiba satellite c660d. i can hear the fan and hard disk running but screen stays black. I've tried to remove battery and hold the power button for 30 to 60 seconds it didn't worked. what should i do? Also before it happened i started it in the morning as usual and it was extremely slow...
  56. M

    Mysterious Screen Problem

    Hello ! I replaced my Dell XPS17 l701x broken screen with new one (not exact same manufacturer but connetion cable, inches, LED blacklight are the same). So i power up my laptop, display working great, i see dell loading screen next i see LOADING WINDOWS screen. After that Black screen...
  57. P

    How to Connect Bluetooth headset to a Samsung LED TV and mute TV Speakers ?

    I have a set of Bluetooth headphones and need to connect them to our Samsung 40inch LED smart TV because the speakers are beginning to malfunction. But there is no audio out ie: 3.5mm jack. Is it possible to get a Bluetooth USB dongle that I can plug into the tv that can pair up with the...
  58. M

    Haier 55' LED TV; REPAIR HELP!

    Hey there guys! I own a Haier 55' 120hz LED TV Model #LE55B1381 The backlight has started to randomly go out. The sound is perfectly intact and all I have to do to revive the picture is turn the tv off and back on but when it will go out, I don't know. The longest it lasts is about a hour. I...
  59. T

    No display on my Laptop

    I have recently just bought a Samsung np350v5x-a03 from ebay which was spares/repairs as i am currently learning and tinkering around with hardware etc. There is no display, the screen is completely black, i opened it up and cleaned off the motherboard and made sure that all connections were in...
  60. S

    hp ProBook 4540s screen backlight problem

    In my hp 4540s Probook laptop sometimes the screen backlight does not turn on. But pictures are there on the screen when i see it from different angles. And external monitors work fine. This happens when, 1. the display goes to sleep and come back again later, the backlight does not turn on...