Samsung Series 7 NP700Z7C LCD Screen Not Backlit (Do I need Screen Replacement?)

Jan 5, 2016
The LCD on my laptop went dark a few days ago and upon investigation I determined that there was still an image being projected on the screen, but there was absolutely no backlighting. There appears to be nothing else wrong with the laptop, as it works perfectly fine when connected to an external monitor. I once managed to get the backlighting to come back by messing with display drivers, but it went dark again a little later and I have have not been able to make it return since.

Since nothing on the software side appears to be working, I'm starting to think it may be mechanical. From what I can gather, my model uses an LED backlight instead of a CCFL bulb backlight. That means that if the LED is actually burnt out or inoperable, a full screen replacement may be my only option.

So my question is this, what are some things I can do to try to isolate the problem and determine if it actually is the LED itself, or some other kind of problem like a software bug or wiring issue? What are some things I should look for if I open the laptop up and start going through it's guts?

Also if it is any help, I had not experienced any strange behavior with the monitor up until the incident. It was on one moment and then just turned off the next.


Question from Attackofthebitcrusher : "Laptop LCD Display Back Light acting strange"



Jan 24, 2017
Hi, unfortunately I also don't have a solution but rather the same problem. As there is very little information on broken LCD backlights for Samsung Series 7/9, I was wondering if you found a solution or at least if replacing the screen solved it. Seems like for other laptops the error may as well be on the main board. Thanks.