My mobile show connected with wifi router but cant open internet browser on mobile


Apr 30, 2016
I have a tp link router....haven't connected it with in a year...I just connected it one of my cellular phones are connected with Internet access. I have a S3 .'s allowing me to connect to the router but it's not allowing me to connect to the the Internet. ..
It sounds like the router may be the issue and not the phone. Is the router connected to your modem/net access? Did you make sure the router is actually accessing the net? Does it allow any other devices to connect? This would be what I was looking at first. Just because it lets you connect to the router, doesn't mean the router is connecting to the net.



Aug 17, 2016
I'm having the same issue. My phone and kindle connect to the works wifi and work fine. My work colleague however has the wifi connection but nothing appears to work on her phone via the net ie whatsApp and Facebook?
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